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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Office Girlz [Chapter 5]

Chapter 5. - bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd soshibang yoona - main story image

Flashback: Just as they are 'arguing' Yesung came. "Excuse me, I am Master Choi's assistant, Yesung. Master Choi has invited both of you here to have a cup of coffee with him." He said as he handed them a name card. Jiyong and Yoona then look at each other... Slowly a grin appeared from Yoona's face while Jiyong ruffled his hair with his head down.
"He will be here in about 30 minutes." said Yesung. "Oh, you must not be late. Got it?"
"Uhm...Yes.." Yoona smile as Yesung walked off.
"See? He's treating us to coffee! Hehee.... Why is he treating you too? How great would it be if he had only invited me." Yoona said as she look at the card, wiping off the dust on it, walking off. Leaving Jiyong alone.
"Aish!" Jiyong groaned when Yoona is nowwhere to be seen.
"What ? What did you just say? Choi Seunghyun actually invited you to meet over coffee?" Said Daesung as he speck through the phone.Seohyun, who heard the conversation, eyes widen. She couldn't believe that Im Yoona is THAT capable.
"Boss, they're here." said Yesung as he ushered Jiyong and Yoona to the table Seunghyun is sitting.
"Have a seat." said Seunghyun. 
"Would you like to drink anything?" asked Yesung.
"No thanks." 
"Double espresso." Yoona and Jiyong speak in sync. Yoona then look at Jiyong, hoping he got what Yoona mean. Instead, he add, "And blueberry ice cream. Thanks." Yesung then went to buy the double expresso and blueberry ice cream.
"Thank you for saving me in front of the reporters a moment ago. You also clearly analyzed my style." 
"Ah~ I've always been a huge fan of yours. I really like you," Jiyong look at her. "I have every book and magazine of yours." Jiyong nudged her. 
"Thank you." reply Seunghyun with gratitude.
"O-oh, welcome. A-ah, I have forgotten about this! This is the business proposal for setting up a counter at our department store. We would like to invite-" Just before Yoona could finish her sentence, she was being cutted off by Seunghyun. 
"I am sorry. I fell flattered by your sincere invitation, but I won't set up a counter in a department store." 
"Can you just... At least take a glance of proposal? We worked very hard on it." Jiyong said. 
"Whether or not I take a glance at it, the results is still the same." Seunghyun replied. Jiyong, who felt that his blood wad boiling under his skin hit the table. Asking him, "Why are you inviting us here when you don't even want to set up a counter in our department store?"
"Wh-what are you doing? Kwon Jiyong, st-stop it! " Yoona said, feeling shock by his behavior.
"What? Do you really think that I came all the way here just to have a free cup of coffee?" rebutted Jiyong.
"I am sorry Master Choi, uh, Jiyong, come outside with me." said Yoona as she pull Jiyong out from his seat.
" What the?" 
" J-just follow me!"
" Master, sorry, let me uhm... settle him first."
" Settle what? Im? Are you crazy? Let go of me!" said Jiyong, trying to stop Yoona from pulling him out, who knows, Yoona strength is stronger than him.
" Master Choi! I will be back soon!" Seunghyun then gave her an awkward smile.
" I can walk myself." Jiyong said.
" What the hell are you doing? We came here to ask him a favour, not to fight with him!"
" I was just speaking the truth! You can't jus-" Jut before Jiyong could 'sucessfully' rebut Yoona, he was being cut of by her.
" I don't care. Stay outside, you're not allowed to come in."
" Look at the Choi Seunghyun attitude. He is-" Again, Jiyong was being cut of by Yoona.
" Stay outide and everything would be settled." 
Just as Jiyong was waiting for Yoona, Nichkhun called out for him. 
" Young Master!" 
" What are you doing here?"
" Aish, stop asking and just go inside the car." 
" Me?" 
" Yes, you, Young Master Kwon Jiyong." Before Jiyong stepped into the car, he scanned the place to  make sure that Im Yoona wouldn't saw him stepping into the freaking President's car.
" President, Young Master is here." said Nichkhun as Jiyong stepped into the car.
" Are you accustomed to live by yourself?" asked Sang Woo.
" Well, there's a door I can go through, a window for me to feel the breeze, a toilet where I can poop. I am FINE."
" I see..." 
" Did you contract Umma? I mean, the real one." 
Sang Woo kept silence.
" So you snuck into the press conference." asked Seunghyun.
" I am sorry."
" Ah, no problem. I am really happy that someone appreciates my wore than those gossips. You understand my work more than those reporters, so I specifically invited you today to thank you, and also to tell you that I won't open a counter in the department store." Yoona's smile faded.
" I know that you only have flagship stores. I know that you won't open a counter, but we're very sincere about this. If you agree to it, you can name all the conditions." 
" Miss Im, let me repeat one more time. Thank you for today." 
" No master, I really idolize you. I even bought your clothes before." 
" Thank you. You may leave now." said Seunghyun, pointing at the door. Yoona've got no choice but to leave...
Just as Yoona came out of the restaurant, she saw Jiyong exited the President's car. She gasped. When their eyes met, Jiyong was flustered.
" How did you manage to come out of the President's car? Do you know him? " Yoona asked as they walked toward her scooter.
" Er... No."
" You don't? That's weird. How can you come out from his car if you don't know him?" Just as Yoona was starting up her scooter, an idea suddenly popped out of her mind.
" I know! Your last name is Kwon and so is the President! So aren't you his..." 
" Im Yoona, let me tell you something. But you must not tell anyone. Or else you will be the first person I fired in the future." Jiyong said as he stepped closer, closing up the gap. 
" Is it that serious?" 
" Yes." Jiyong said before he continued. " I am the President's son." Jiyong smiled cheekily at her as he move closer to her, his body touching her's.
" Yah!" Yoona hit him in the neck. Yes, neck, causing him to choke. " If you want to talk, just talk! You need not need to get so close." 
" Um... Puh-lease, are you trying to fool me? If you want to joke around with me, then at least do your homework." Yoona then throw the strawberry-looking helmet to him.
" The President's son had a car incident in New York last year and he's a vegetable now. And everyone knows about it." 
" A vegetable?" Jiyong asked for comformation, hoping his ears were not playing a trick with him this time.
" Yeah. Anyway he's the type whose parents are rich so he uses their money to play around aboard." Jiyong's jaw dropped. " He studied for a couple of years, but who knows if he actually got his diploma." Yoona sat on the scooter, before shotting him another question.
" Seriously, why are you in his car?" 
" I am a relative of the driver." 
" O~~~ If you're the relative of the driver, why must you lie about it? I don't think it is a big deal that you used your connections to get this job. Anyway, tons of people do that. But shouldn't you be more serious about it? Your parents asked for a favour from the President to let you work here. If you're continuing acting like this, aren't their efforts going to waste?" 
" You don't need to mind my performance." Feeling irritated, Jiyong threw Yoona's helmet back to her and walk off.
" Yah! Kwon Jiyong! Kwon Jiyong!" Jiyong then covered his ears with his hands.
" Chinjia, he's a guy yet he's so emotional." 
Jiyong then went to Han River to cool himself down. But Yoona's words kept on flashing in his mind.
The President's son had a car incident in New York last year and he's a vegetable now. And everyone knows about it. Anyway he's the type whose parents are rich so he uses their money to play around aboard. He studied for a couple of years, but who knows if he actually got his diploma.
Jiyong then reach for his wallet to count the money he've left now. He was shocked by the amout he've left now. It's only a few thousands.
" Oh! You're back, Yoona!" Seungri greeted Yoona cheerfully. Daesung, who is busying playing with his phone, immediately looked up. 
" What 'Yoona'. Are you fit to call her 'Yoona'? Employee Im, nope. Miss Employee Im, how did it go? Is the coffee tasty? What is the situation like? Hurry and report to me so that I can prepare for your promotion." Jiyong walked in.
" He rejected us. So the deal is over." Jiyong spoke up. Yoona glared at him.
" Manager, I will try to communicate with Choi Seunghyun more."
" He already said no way. How are you going to communicate with him?" Jiyong argued.
" Im Yoona. What Kwon Jiyong just said. IS IT TRUE?!" Daesung shoutedJiyong nodded his head. Yoona glared at him, again.
" Manager, I will continue trying."
" If you have no capability," Daesung hit the table. " no matter how much efforts you put in will be useless. If you cannot do it, tell me earlier, don't lie to me! You know how happy I was today? You informed me at the very last moment that it didn't work out. What is this? IS THIS A PRANK?! Don't think because you have a perfect attendance 4 years straight, you're all that." Jiyong look at Yoona with guilt.
" If you can't seal the deal with Choi Seunghyun, and the higher ups take it out on me, you can prepare to look for another job." Yoona look down, her tears are going to  drop down any minute. The more Jiyong look at her, the guiltier he feel. 
" Huh? Feel like crying? I feel like crying even more because I have this one minion pulling pranks!" After letting out his anger, Daesung stormed out of the office. Yoona glared at Jiyong before heading back to her seat and look at one of her Choi Seunghyun photo. Jiyong then too, return to his seat, which is in front of Yoona's one. 
Since there is nothing Jiyong could do, Jiyong took one of the Yoona's soft toys to play. Yoona, feeling angry, simply because he did not ask for her permission before taking,  took one of the remaining soft toys to throw at Jiyong, unfortunately, it missed. 
" Missed~" Jiyong said cooly and smirked. 
" You know, I am so not going to miss this time round." Yoona then took a pot of cactus from her table. After seeing that pot of cactus, Jiyong's attitude to Yoona changed 360 degree. 
" I seriously apologise. I am sorry." Yoona put down the pot of cactus and continue her work, which is looking at Choi Seunghyun's picture.
It was finally time to knock off and Jiyong head back to his apartment first. Sighing as he climb up the stairs. Just before he reached his apartment, a young lady came and asked him. " Do you live on the fourth floor?" 
" Ye-yeah." Jiyong answered, pointing at the door of his apartment before the young lady continues, " That's great! This is a package for the apartment upstairs, but I don't think anyone is at home. Can you help her to collect her package?" 
" Sure." 
" Thank you! Then can you pay for her?" 
" No." Jiyong tried to run towards his apartment to unlock his door to get in, however, it failed miserably. That young lady is faster then him just by one step, one small little step. She had blocked his way to unlock his door.
" Sir! Please! Just pay for it now and tell the lady upstairs to pay you back, otherwise I've to make another trip. It's really far sir! Please..." She then grabbed Jiyong's hand and beg him.
" Sorry!" Jiyong use this chance to counter attack, but just as he was unlocking the door, the young lady said," Just pay the money now and get the money from Miss Im Yoona upstairs." this small little sentence caught Jiyong's attention.
" Im Yoona? She lives upstairs?" 
" Yeah! Do you two know each other?" Jiyong's jaw, as well as his key dropped.
" Alright, no problem, I will look for it." Yoona say through her phone as she climbed up the stairs.
" Yes, go and write the report first. Write it according to my guidelines. Then hurry and turn it in to me here." said Daesung as he's enjoying playing golf.
" Okay, I know, one sheet of A4 paper, large font size, summary and bullet points."
" Exactly, very good. You know, I am really busy. That's it, goodbye." Daesung lied to her as he continued playing golf.
" Yah Im Yoona! Why are you bringing so much work home again? Is everyone in your department dead? Why do you have to do all the work?" Sooyoung said as she get up from the sofa to help Yoona to carry her handbag. 
" It's nothing new anyway..."
" If you're to continue being like this, sooner or later your liver is going to shut down." Sooyoung said angrily before walking off.
Jiyong was lying on the sofa, sleeping, until he fell off from it. While he was getting up, he remembered that he have to pass Yoona her package.
" How dare that Kwon Jiyong made you look bad in front of that Kang Daesung. Do you want me to shoot him in front of VP Yoon?" Sooyoung said as she made her way to the balony outside their appartment and handed Yoona a cup of coffee.
" Ah~ No need. His personality is so unlikeable, Kang Daesung won't let him off the hook so easily." Just then Jiyong came up, leaving both ladies shock.
" It's Kwon Jiyong!" Sooyoung exclaimed.
" What is he doing here?" Yoona asked.
" Kwon Jiyong, why are you here?" 
" Im Yoona's package."
" Ha! You don't even work during work hours, so why are you taking a part-time job as a delivery man?" asked Sooyoung.
" Delivery man? What the? I live downstairs." 
" WHAT? YOU LIVE DOWNSTAIRS?" Yoona and Sooyoung exclaimed.
" What's the problem?"
" So you're that Nobody Without The Three Things!" The two girls exclaimed again, laughing too.
" What?" 
" So you're that pianist with serious anger management issues!" Yoona said, laughing again.
" Hello, that's called brilliance! I collected your package for you, $14000."
" Wait for me, I will get the money for you." Yoona said.
" Yoong, wait a minute, we need to check it first, in case he did something to it."
" Yah Kwon Jiyong! What is this?" Sooyoung said as soon as she opened the package.
" What do you mean?" asked Jiyong.
" Why is it a bunch of empty bottles?" asked Sooyoung.
" This isn't mine, I did a group purchase of skincare products."  Yoona said.
" Yeah, where's our stuff?" 
" It is this box! The receipt is here and your name is writen on it." Jiyong argued.
" NO WAY!" Both Yoona and Sooyoung shouted before running back into the house.
" Yah! Hurry up and return me my money! I want to go!" 
" So how? Did you manage to find the seller?" Asked Sooyoung to Yoona, who is sitting on the sofa, checking on their webpage.
" We've been scammed! They have closed their account!" 
" Yoong call them!" 
" I have tried calling them! but it is a fake one!"
" W-we weren't scammed, were we? I wasn't this lucky when buying a lotto ticket." Sooyoung groan.
" Unnie, I think we are, what should we do?" 
" Kwon Jiyong, what should we do?" Sooyoung reoeated Yoona's question.
" What does it have to do with me if you guys want to buy a bunch of empty bottles? It's about time for you to give me back my money."
" It's just a few empty bottles. Why should I pay you? Are you a scam?" Sooyoung, feeling angry, shout at Jiyong.
" I just collected the package. How would I know what is inside?"
" I never told you to collect it for me!" argued Yoona.
" I was trying to help out of the goodness in my heart. You didn't called me a good friend, I understand, but instead, you called me a scam? What are you gonna do now then? Refuse to pay?" Jiyong rebutted. 
" Kwon Jiyong, it's not that I don't want to pay you. I ordered for everyone. If I give you the money, how do I tell them?" 
" That's your problem." 
" But you should have check the package!" Sooyoung rebutted.
" How would I know? I don't buy things online." 
" Even if you didn't know, you can't expect us to take responsibility. If I were you, I'd have check the package!" Yoona said.
" I NEVER ASKED YOU TO!" The fight got more heated up.
" I already paid, so just give me the money." 
" That's not my money! I just ordered on behalf of others!"
" So what ?" 
" STOPPPPP IT!" Sooyoung shouted, to get their attention.
" Kwon Jiyong, if you want money, there's none. But I can call 1800-******* for you, the Anti-Fraud hotline." Sooyoung said.
" So you are trying to deny everything?" 
" No, it is just a bunch of empty bottles. Why should we pay?"
" Alright, consider it's my bad luck." Jiyong got up from their sofa and left their apartment.
" Luckily I checked the package, or else, we would have lost a lot of money." Sooyoung heaved a sigh or relief.
" But Sooyoung unnie, I don't think we can entirely blame him either." 
" Ha, then you want to pay the $14000?"
" No." 
" That's it!"

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