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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Office Girlz [Chapter 4]

Chapter 4. - bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd soshibang yoona - main story image

Recap: " Did you hear that, Yoong?"
" Yoong, I think he is a weirdo who have some anger management issues. Are you sure you want to greet him?"
Yoona then stared at Sooyoung.
" Don't look at me like that! I am gonna to take a shower!" Sooyoung then rush into the house.
He is scary.
Finishing venting out his anger, Jiyong headed towards the door, wanting to get out of his so-called-low-class appartment, closing it with much force.
" Wow. Our new neighbour really does have serious anger management issues." Yoona nodded her head in agreement to her own statement, joing Sooyoung in the living room, who's still 'poking' her friends.
In the meantime
" Ahh~ So confortable~" said Jiyong as he is enjoying himself 'playing' with the bubbles in the bathtub while eating the food which the hotel provides.
Next Morning 
" Im Yoona, it is already 11am, where is Kwon Jiyong?" asked Daesung. 
" I called him this morning but he didn't answer my calls!" 
" He didn't answer it? So is that my problem now? Call him and find him... Or else... Hehe~ Downgrade." Daesung said. As he was about to walk off, Yoona called him.
" Manager!"
" What is it now, Im?"
" This is the proposal that I work last night. I was wondering if you could look over it for me."
" What's the point? Is it me who's setting up the counter? Let Choi Seunghyun look at it."
" Now?!" 
" When else? Unless you're waiting until next year's Spring." 
" But he have a press conference this afternoon." 
" Then go and block him at the entrance of his press conference!" 
" No manager, the press conference isn't open to the public." 
" Then think of a way yourself! If I have to think of everything, why do I even chose to have you guys? Hurry and go!" Daesung said, heading back to his seat.
" Erm... Manager, don't get too angry. Do you want some coffee?" asked Seungri.
" Caramel Macchiato. Large." 
" No problem. Coming right up!" 
" Pfft... Lazy manager..." Yooona muttered under her own breath as she took out her handphone, calling Jiyong.
Ring~ Ring~ You've got a call! 
" Chinjia... Who calls so early in the morning man..." Jiyong muttered to himself under the blanket, reaching out his hands to grab his phone.
Phone Conversation
Jiyong: Hello?
Yoona: Kwon Jiyong! You've finally answered my calls! Look at the time now! Where are you?
Jiyong: Hehehehe~ Guess.
Jiyong then hang up the phone. 
" Hello? Yah! Kwon Jiyong!" Yoona shouted, earning gazes from her colleagues. Yoona then re-dial again and again. 
Just then, Yoona rode her scooter to the place where Jiyong had told her where he is, only to find out that he is sleeping on a bench.
" Kwon Jiyong," " Kwon Jiyong."
" WHAT?!"
" Get on. I will deal with your absence later." Yoona said as she handed him a strawberry-looking helmet.
" Yah! Kwon Jiyong! What are you staring at? Choi Seunghyun's conference ia about to start." 
" Why didn't you send a car to pick me up?" 
" Sir, who are you? Should I drive a limousine to pick you up? Get on." 
" Can we have an exchange of helmet?" Yoona then glared at him. 
" Alright, alright, I will get on. Bad luck ..." Before Jiyong could put on his helmet, Yoona drove off.
" Yah! Can you drive?" 
" Kwon Jiyong! Sit properly! What are you doing?" Just then, a dog run past.
" DOG!" Jiyong exclaimed. Yoona immediately stopped, causing Jiyong to jump off from his seat, somehow, backhugging Yoona.
" What do you think you are doing?" Instead of answering, Jiyong shot her back a question.
" Are you sure you can drive?"
" You will drive then. Drive! Drive!" 
" I don't know how to." 
" What?! Guys that doesn't know how to drive a scooter actually exist?"
" I can do 4 tires. Not 2."
" If you don't know home to, shut up.Sit properly." Yoona then drovw off without any warnings, causing Jiyong to shout. 
" Wahahhhh!" 
" Sit properly!"
" Hey! Draw in a straight line please."
" Got it."
" Straight! "
" Stop disturbing me!"
" God, save me!"
" What? It's not that you know how to drive. So stop complaining!" 

" We can't get in like this. There are too many security guards there." said Yoona, who is looking at how those guards shoo people off without the invitation card.
 " Jiyong, how about we just wait outside until the press conference is over?" 
Just then, Jiyong thought of an idea. 
" Follow me. Im" Jiyong said as he pull Yoona toward the direction of his 'idea'.But who knows, there are security gueards there too.
" What-" 
" Shh... See those flowers in the lorry? We can pretend that we are delivering the flowers to get in. Ok?" Jiyong said, then started whistling while walking towards the lorry, without waiting for Yoona's response. Just as Jiyong was carrying down those flowers, someone shouted.
" Theif!"
" Yah, Im, you scared me! Those flowers are for him anyway! We are just 'helping' the delivery man."
" Can't we just wait until the press conference is over?"
" Are you positive you will be able to see him again?" Yoona kept quiet." If we don't show Choi Seunghyun the proposal, you know quite well what we will face back in the office. If you want that to happen, I don't care!" With that sentence, Daesung's angry face suddenly popped up into her mind, frightening her.
" By the time you're done with your thinking, it will be all too late." Jiyong said, handling her a basket of flowers. They scanned the surroundings, hoping no one will see their small little act, then uses those basket of flowers cover their face up, heading towards the backdoor. 
Models and Models and Models and Models and Models and Models
" Wow..." Is all that Yoona could say after checking out those clothes wore by the models as she peeped in between those flowers.
" Yah! Act natural please? Are you afraid that they don't know that we got in here without invitation?"
" Aish... This is my first time watching a fashion show and I never thought it'd be Choi Seunghyun's! Do you know that I owned every book and magazine he'd been on? I have read through numerous time but I've never seen his fashion show."
" Let me tell you something. Fangirl, work. Fangirl, work. Fangirl?" 
" Work." 
" Great! You can be a fangirl after work." They continued to look at those models.
" Look Im, that girl look is hot..." Yoona stared at him.
" Look Kwon, let me tell you something.Fanboy, work. Fanboy, work. Fanboy?"
" Work." 
" Wise."
" Ah! Choi Seunghyun came out already!" Yoona then punched him on his shoulder, however, Jiyong fell. Yoona, who didn't know about this, continued clapping as Seunghyun posed on the stage. Jiyong glared at her, but she didn't even realise that since she is too focus on 'her' Choi Seunghyun

" Welcome to all our guests and reporters. We are now open for questions." said Yesung, Seunghyun's personal assistant.
Conversation between reporters and CSH 
Reporter: How come Tiffany is not here? *Seunghyun kept silence*
Yesung: Is there any other questions? 
Reporter: Tiffany is your brand model and your girlfriend. Why is she not here today?
Seunghyun: She had an emergency so she couldn't make it here. Thank you.
Reporter: What is more important than your fashion press conference? *Seunghyun kept silence*
Yesung: Thank you everyone. Our session ends here. Thank you. 
Just as Seunghyun was leaving the stage, the reporter continues, " There is a rumor saying that you and Tiffany has broken up. Is it true?" She said as she rushed toward Seunghyun.
" I am sorry, but please do not push." said Yesung. The reporter continues, " But you said that Tiffany is your inspiration. If you two have broken up, will you have problems with your inspiration?" 
Yoona, who couldn't stand her idol being 'bullied' by the reporter, immdiately stood up for him. " Hey! That's rude! Today's Master Choi's fashion press conference. The focus should be on his clothes. Why do you keep asking his personal life?" Seunghyun was shocked by her boldness. Jiyong, of course was embarrassed, kept on pulling her hand, asking her to kept quiet like before and sit down on her chair. " Yah! Kwon Jiyong, stop it! Master Choi's new season has retained his unique style and combined it with other inspiration and handwork. It completely showed off an elegant Asian style. Yet you dare to say he has lost his inspiration? Pfft, you're really rude!" Who knows, god knows, Jiyong's father, or SG president was there as well, was incredibly shock by a young little girl's boldness. 
" Thank you for your imput, young lady. Which company are you a reporter of?"
" O-oh, I am not a reporter. I am Im Yoona from SG Department Store's sales department." Jiyong pulled her hand again, wanting her to stop." I am here today to invite you to set up a counter in our depatment store." Sang Woo was really shock this time, his staff is being all brave and bold just to invite him into his department store.
" I am sorry but that's the end of today's press conference. Thank you everyone, thank you." announced Yesung. Seunghyun then left the stage, well, at least he had given her a smile before leaving. Yoona was of course disappointed. Jiyong, teasing her, gave her a tissue. 
" Wipe your tears and let's go." Only to receive a hard push from Yoona and fell down again. Falling down, Yoona left him alone and Sangwoo gave a smirk.
" Why do you keep restraining me? Weirdo." Yoona asked him, once they met each other again near the drinks corner.
" You should have assessed the situation before speaking. Look at the situation. Do you think he'd agree?" 
" Why are you always discouraging me? I just wanted to give it a try."
" I just wanted to remind you not to go overboard on the fangirl-ing. The more you anticipate, the bigger the disappointment."
" I think people should be optimistic. It should be the more you anticipate, the bigger the hope."
" I think that is the thought of stupid people who likes to deceive themselves.You're that dude's fan and you should know that he is difficult."
" Please be careful of your words, sir. He's a master, you're a dude."
" If I say he's a dude, then he's a dude!" 
He's a master, you're a dude!"
" Master? What kind of master? A master like this? 'Come'on little doggie, let's take you for a walk.' Is it?"
" He's not a master in that way! Aish, why am I even arguing with you? I should've know that you are an idiot." 
Just as they are 'arguing' Yesung came. "Excuse me, I am Master Choi's assistant, Yesung. Master Choi has invited both of you here to have a cup of coffee with him." He said as he handed them a name card. Jiyong and Yoona then look at each other... Slowly a grin appeared from Yoona's face while Jiyong ruffled his hair with his head down.

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