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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Office Girlz [Chapter 6, Last Chap.]

Chapter 6. - bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd soshibang yoona - main story image

" But Sooyoung unnie, I don't think we can entirely blame him either."
" Ha, then you want to pay the $14000?"
" No."
" That's it!"

Jiyong was walking around the convenience store to find something to eat.After chosing two rice ball and a bottle of Orange Juice, he went to the counter to pay.
" Sir, in total the cost is $17."
" What? Are you kidding me? I have calculated and it's only $14."
" $14?"
" Yah! This rice ball clearly states that the second one is half off." The volume of his voice increased, attracting attentions. Yoona was there too, looking at him in a weird way.
" About that sir, you must use your icash card to get the discount."
" icash? Pfft, fine, I don't want the second one anymore."
"Alright, then the total cost will be $11."
" 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 1, $11" Jiyong handed the salesperson the money.
" Thank you." Jiyong smiled light to him before walking out of the convenience store. Yoona, who's peeping at him, immediately turned her body the other way round.
Jiyong, sitting on the bench, took out his phone and called Youngbae.
Converstaion on the phone.
Jiyong: Hello? Youngbae, can you lend me some money?
Youngbae: I can't. How about borrowing it from Tablo hyung?
Jiyong: Don't tell me who to borrow from, just lend me some.
Youngbae: If I could, I would. But you know that I am working for my family's company and my dad's paying me my paycheck. That tiny amount isn't enough.
Jiyong: Don't you have a black card? 
Youngbae: That's my mom's not mine. Sorry. 
Jiyong: Never mind, I will find a way myself.
" Aish... Chinjia..."Jiyong muttered under his own breath. He then took out the packet of rice ball from the plastic bag, tearing the wrapper and started eating. Just as he was eating, a cute little dog ran up to him eyeing on his rice ball.
A Shar Pei I guess... So my type.
Jiyong, being the kind hearted one, squad down, feeding him some of his food. While Yoona was walking back home, she saw this sweet little act by Jiyong, and was being touched by it. Jiyong, who didn't know that Yoona was here,  began to talk to the dog. Yes, D-O-G.
" Hey, can you lend me some money? I will repay you when I get my pay next month." Jiyong talked to the dog, causing Yoona to chuckle silently at the back.
"I will get my pay really soon." 
" You're amazing. It have been only a few days and you have spent your entire month's pay? Didn't I tell you already? You're the first employee that the company have paid in advance. You're also the last." Eun Hye said before taking her seat in her office. 
" Eun Hye umma, I am also a victim too!" He paused before whispering. " Eun Hye noona~ I know that you're a person with morals." Eun Hye nodded. " I am too! So you're the only one I can turn to for help on this sort of things." Eun Hye smiled as she take a sip of her tea. Jiyong used this chance to counter-attack her. " Noona~" He tugged her shirt. " Just lend me a little money. I am only left with $50 with me right now!" 
" Oh my god! Did those words just came out from your mouth?" Eun Hye tease him.
" You don't want to see me starve to death do you?" Jiyong being walking around the office.
" Is it that serious?" 
" Absolutely. YES."
" Ah! I have an idea! Here, this is for you." She then gave him some piece of paper.
" What is this?"
" Coupons for food. That way, you won't starve to death so soon."
" It doesn't have to be so much of a hassle. Just hand me cash directly."
" If I could be your human ATM, I woundn't have promised your dad to do this in the beginning right?" Just then, Yuri, who was supposed to hand in a proposal to Eun Hye, heard that, and continue to hid behind the door, trying to eavesdrop whatever that are going to say.
" Eun Hye umma~ Are you going to help me or not?" 
Eun Hye... Umma?!
" Alright, I will help you." 
" Really?! Thanks a lot noona~"
Noona?! What the?! So how the hell is he related to her?
" Don't be too happy, how I am trying to help you is... Call President Kwon. Tell him directly. If he's okay with it, I am fine with it."
" No need. I don't think he wants to talk to a vegetable. I will find a way myself." 
" You-" Before Jiyong could ran out of the office, Eun Hye called him.
" G-Dragon! Chinjia..." Jiyong didn't even bother to reply her and just walked off. Oh freak! Am I a little too loud?
VP Yoon, yes, you're a little too loud. That even I, Kwon Yuri, heard your conversations.
Since it was break time and Jiyong have not much money left, he decided to spent his time playing basketball. He doesn't even know that Yoona was watching him all the time. After a while, Sooyoung joined her. 
" Yah that freak, not eating when it's lunch break. What is he doing? Playing basketball? Is he still a teenager? Seriously." said Sooyoung joining Yoona to watch him playing basketball.
" Unnie-ah, he really seems to have run out of money. When I saw him buying stuff yesterday at the convenience store, he didn't have money. I gave him a ride this morning to work too."
" Stop. Im Yoona. Sympathy shouldn't be waste on this kind of person, ok? Come'on Yoong, I am about to die of hunger. Let's go and eat. Let's go!" Before going off with Sooyoung, she took one more glance of Jiyong.
Yoona was cooking her dinner, when she thought of what had happened yestereday.
What does it have to do with me if you guys want to buy a bunch of empty bottles? 
I just collected the package. How would I know what is inside?
I never told you to collect it for me!
I was trying to help out of the goodness in my heart. You didn't called me a good friend, I understand, but instead, you called me a scam? What are you gonna do now then? Refuse to pay?
Yoona, who had enough with all this thoughts, went down to Jiyong's house. 
He don't ... Lock his door? 
Yoona then found him sleeping on the sofa, and she thought that it was kinda absurd.
" Kwon Jiyong! Yah! Jiyong!" 
Without any furthur ado, she stepped into his apartment, amaze by how... dirty it was.
" Yah! Stop faking it! I saw you opening one eye just now!" Yoona the used her leg to kick him. 
" Yah! You won't die by just skipping one meal." 
" Give me back my money please." 
" I have already told you, it is not my money. Don't you understand?"
" If I really do die of starvation, then it's all your fault."
" Then... Alright! Since we are co-workers, and if you really don't have money to feed yourself, come to my house and I will feed you."
" Are you serious?"
" Of course it's not for free. I will give you an IOU. You can pay me back after you get your paycheck."
" What kind of friend are you? Fine! Show me the menu. Are there any truffles, carviar, Matsusaka beef?" 
" Don't go overboard." 
" Time to eat!" 
" Yah! Im, what is this?" 
" What? You don't know pickles?"
" Pickles with spaghetti? Which country's cuisine is this?" 
" Are you stupid? The vegetable's that Yoona's mom pickled taste really good." Sooyoung speak up, the continued to eat her fries and coke. 
" Then let me switch with you!" 
" I don't want to." 
" Yoona is already very nice, you should be grateful but why are you so picky?"
" Oh right! Kwon Jiyong, dinner, $5, sign." Yoona pushed a notebook to Jiyong.
" This cost $5? Wait, I don't want eat this." Jiyong then show Yoona the broccoli in his plate.
" How how are you mister?! Are you still a kid? Why are you so picky?" Yoona exclaimed.
" Yoona, that's call childish." 
" Who's childish?" Jiyong asked.
" You!" Both girls exclaimed.
" I spent my money to get meals from you, are you guys feeding pigs?" 
" Feeding pigs? I spent a lot of effort cooking it. I'm eating this too!" 
" Im Yoona, no one has to accept your offer just because you put in efforts okay? I don't eat broccoli just like Choi Seunghyun who woundn't want to set up a counter. This is a reality that cannot be changed."
" Don't compare your eating with Master Choi's fashion. And I believe that as long as I try harder, I can be successful. "
" Try what? He's a businessman. It would be faster if you calculated for him his earnings.
" Do you think money can solve everything?"
" Then do you think efforts can solve everything?" 
" Then what if we put a lot of efforts in calculting his earnings for him?" suggested Sooyoung. Yoona and Jiyong then glared at her. 
" Arasso! Just pretend that I didn't say anything." Sooyoung then walked away.
" You know, Yoona, I was wondering what will make Choi Seunghyun changed his mind. But he has enough money so it's not money." Jiyong then take this chance to 'transfer' one of his broccoli to Yoona's plate.
" That's why we have to be sincere!" Yoona then realise that she have an extra broccoli.
" Sincerity is too abstract." Yoona then take this chance to 'transfer' one of his broccoli to Jiyong's plate.
" Then how about waiting outside his house everyday?" Jiyong then 'transfer' the broccoli again. Poor broccoli.
" Don't you have any creativity? We should start with his personality! You're that dude's craziest and biggest fan. You should know what kind of person he is." Yoona then 'transfer' the broccoli. Yes, again.
" He is famous, hot brilliant, and never use his connections to achieve success." Just as Yoona was talking about Seunghyun's pros, Jiyong take this chance to 'transfer' ALL his broccoli to Yoona.
" I didn't use my connections too." 
" I never even said it was you." 
" Then why are you staring at me?"
" I am staring at you because I am talking to you!" 
" You must be talking about me!"
" I really wasn't!" 
" You swear?"
" I swear."
" Yoong! Look at this," Sooyoung ran out of the living room, to the balcony where Jiyong and Yoona were having their dinner. " who is this guy? He's so cute!" 
" Choi Seunghyun!" Jiyong and Yoona answered in sync.
" You think I don't know that? I am talking about the one next to him!" yoona and Jiyong then look at each other.
Yoona was sitting up straight, Sooyoung was fixing her makeup, while Jiyong was lying on the sofe while waiting for Seunghyun.
" Hey, Kwon Jiyong, let me tell you, to avoid confrontation, you say here, like a good boy and wait. Don't speak either." 
" Why?" Yoona then pass him a lollipop. 
" Because of work, you must do that. Just stay here like this and Sooyoung and I will settle that. Eat your candy." A second later Yoona have finished her sentence, Yesung came out.
"Yah, Yoong!" Jiyong was about to stand up when Yoona pushed him down onto the sofa again.
" Hi Yesung!" greeted Sooyoung cheerfully.
" Hi."
" Hi, I am Yoona, and we have met each other before. I am from SG Department Store-"
" I know! You're the Miss Yoo right?" 
" Nopes, I am Miss Im, Yoona." 
" I am Choi Sooyoung!" 
" It's like this, I want to pass this proposal to Master Choi. Is he here?"
" He's not here. You may leave now." 
" Excuse me, are you a designer?" asked Sooyoung.
" I am Master Choi's assistant." 
" Ah~ You are so handsome and dress so well. In the future, you're going to become a famous designer! Uhm... Please... Can we meet Maser Choi?" replied Sooyoung.
" How about this? Leave the proposal here and I will pass it to Master Choi. Is it alright?"
" If it's possible, can I hand it to him personally?" 
" Please.... Handsome please. Or can we continue to wait for him?" Sooyoung tried to use her aegyo.
" Please, do us this favour!" Yoona joined in too. Just then, Yesung's phone rang.
" Excuse me." 
" Hello? Master Choi? Alright. The place is... and then at... Okay. I have noted it. No problem, I will contract them now. Alright, thank you, bye." Yesung scribbled the address on a piece of sticky note. And tear it off. 
" Master Choi will not be here today. Even if you continue wating here, it will be useless. How about coming another day? As long as it does not involve work, you guys will be welcomed. Bye." 
" Bye~!" Sooyoung then waved cutely at him.
" He has already ignored you guys, are you not leaving?" Yoona and Sooyoung walked pass him.
" Bye bye~" After the two girls have left, Jiyong went over to the stack of post Yesung used, which was place at the counter. He took the top one with him and teared the one below and write down his phone number to the counter to lessen the suspicion. 
" Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe." He then passed to the counter.
" Yoona, pencil, quick!" 
" What are you going to do with it?" Yoona asked and look at Jiyong in confusion. Jiyong took the pencil and somehow 'colour' the sticky note. 
" See my ingeniousness now?" 
" Wow, I didn't know my pencil has this use too!" 
" That's not the point." 
" Who is the hottie there? Do you guys know him?" asked Sooyoung.
" His name is Yesung." Yoona told Sooyoung.
" He is so hot! I guess he will be a famous designer in the future!" Jiyong was trying to tell them something, but the two girls kept on talking non-stop.
" He may be one!" answered Yoona.
" Then I will be the first one to buy his clothes! Then take a picture, and post it online, and he will be famous and I will be rich!" Jiyong who couldn't take it anymore, 'exploded'.
" Yah! That's not the point! We're almost going to be late! Do you still want to corner him?!" 
" That's none of my business. I just came here to look for my hottie, I am off to work, bye~" said Sooyoung.
" Kwon Jiyong, you go first, I need to go home and get something. I will be there soon!" Yoona got onto her scooter, driving off, leaving Jiyong alone.
" Hey! Yah! Hey!"
" Will you die if you praise me?" Jiyong muttered under his own breath.
Seunghyun, is outside, spenting his time plinking. While Jiyong is looking at him. Jiyong, who had wait for Yoona for a long time, took out his cellphone and call her.
Phone Conversation
Jiyong: Hello? Move faster!
Yoona: Wait for me a little longer, I will be there soon!
Jiyong: Your idol is about to leave. Hurry up.
Yoona: I don't care. Anyway, try to stall him. That's it, bye.
" Hey! Hey! Seriously..."
Jiyong picked up the gun, placed next to Seunghyun, and began to 'play' with him.
" You like to play this too? Are you interested in playing a round?" Jiyong asked Seunghyun.
" Sorry, no." 
" Do you not want to, or don't dare to? Just like you, don't dare to set up a counter in SG. You're afraid of competing with the other brands."
" I don't like meaningless competition. Moreover, confidence doesn't need to be compared." Seunghyun said and walked off.
Seunghyun was walking towards his car preparing to leave, until Jiyong stopped him.
" I heard your investor is Tiffany Hwang's dad. You don't dare to set up a counter because you're the owner only in the name. You don't have the power to decide right?"
" It seems like you have done a lot of homework before persuading me to set up a counter right?" Jiyong nodded. But he drove off. Luckily, Yoona came just in time. She got down from her scooter and greeted him. She went to the back of the scooter to take out something. It was a dress.
" Master, do you remember this dress? In my senior year of high school, all my classmates agreed to wear their prettiest dress to attend our senior dance. But I didn't have anything to wear, and my mom just gave me $20 dollars, to spend on a dress, and then I saw a beautiful dress in the store..."
Yoona was standing outside a boutique looking at a dress.
" Do you like it? You can try it on." Seunghyun walked over to her, asking her.
" That's alright, I will just look at it. Hehe~ Actually, I don't have enough money."
" Oh! I designed this. If you really like it, I can sell it to you cheaper." 
" Really? But I only have $20." 
" No problem, try it on."
Yoona then came out, wearing that dress. And awe at how awesome it is.
" This dress really suits you." 
" I thought you were joking with me at that time. How could something so good happen?" 
" This dress really does suits you." 
" If I didn't met you, I probably have to wear my school uniform to the dance. The clothes you designed are truely beatiful but I couldn't afford them. I couldn't afford it then, and now too! If you're willing to set up a counter, I will design an open space such that more people will have the opportunity to see your designs. More of those people like me who can't afford to buy your clothes, will have the opportunity to see your work. Master, this is the proposal I spent a lot of time redoing it.All the details are written inside. Please, take a look at it." Yoona handed him the proposal. Jiyong who was looking at the whole situation, thought, You better not be a heartless people.
" I know you work very hard, but unfortunately I am not God. I can't fufill everyone's dream. I am sorry, I've got to go." Seunghyun said, as he drove off.

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