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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Office Girlz [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3. - bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd soshibang yoona - main story image

Recap: " And you say you're going to treat. ' It is a small change' Whatever. Pfft. Yoona-ah ! Wait for unnie!" Sooyoung then ran to catch up Yoona.
During the meeting
" SG Department Store has always been the top performer of the department store industry. But in this season, our sales have slumped badly. About this, I believe that each department has already come up with a proposal to reverse this trend. Manager Choi Minho, you may start first." Ordered Dong-Wook, also known as Se7en, to Choi Minho, Manager of the Merchandising Department.
" Director, the Merchansiding Department has always been able to attract top brands. Of course in the future, we will continue to expand our market share. However, the performance of the Sales Department.." He smirked. " The companies that we have work with all had problems." Se7en nodded with agreement, then continued by shooting a question to Daesung.
" Where is the VP of Sales?"
" Director, VP has taken the day off. So I, Kang Daesung, am temporarily taking over her spot today." replied Daesung, C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y.
" Then does Sales have any thought on this matter?" asked Se7en almost immediately.
" We do, of course. The Sales Department is ' Always be Ready'. Er.. Well.. Im Yoona will report to you. Haha.. Keke.." Daesung let out a laugh awkwardly.
" Wh-what? Manager, you didn't ask me to prepare anything." Yoona whispered.
" I don't care~ Just go for it." Daesung replied. " Uhm yeah, here." Everyone then turned their gaze to Yoona.
" Director, after a long observation period conducted by our department, we found that the companies we work also work with many other stores. This means the brands are lack of exclusiveness. Yeah. That's it." 
" Ms Im," Yuri smirked, " the Merchandising Department has already brought in World-Class brands. If you don't think that is enough, please describe in details what has to be done, so that we can improve." 
" Okay... Take for example, the Master of Design Choi Seunghyun's brand. His items are coveted by the rich, and even the Magazines that he appears on the cover of sells strongly. If our department store has his brand, we would be able to increase the value of our brand." 
" Choi Seunghyun? Didn't he refuse to have a counter in the department store?" Asked Se7en.
" Ah~ Director, she is just a kid and doesn't quite get everything. She used a bad example. It's just an example. We don't have to find Choi Seunghyun." Daesung then jumped into Yoona's rescue, afraid that she would cause him trouble.
" Director, I strongly believe that the Sales Department mentioned Choi Seunghyun because they are confident. Am I right, Miss Im?" said Yuri, smirking, again. 
" Miss Im, don't tell me you only have the ideas, but not a concrete plan of action." remarked Minho, adding fuel to the fire.
" How about this, the Sales Department will take care of this case. Tell me, how many days do you need?" asked Se7en. 
" I am done. You really have the guts huh? Of all the examples, it had to be Choi Seunghyun. Do you want to see me die? Yeah maybe huh? Before the meeting, I have already told you not to start the fire! You wouldn't listen! Now look, you have promised Director about Choi Seunghyun. Not only that, you promised him with the deadline of one month?! Good luck then." Once they Daesung and Yoona stepped out of the meeting room, Daesung started reprimanding Yoona, as usual.
" Manager, but it was you who agreed to the deadline." 
" That's right, I agreed to it. But hey, in that kind of situation, anyone would be forced to agree. The director is such a huge tiger. Who can get off his back after climbing up on it?" 
" You think I am willingly to climb up his back meh?"
" I don't care whether or not you're willing. You're the one who promised him. My bright future is in your hands. You'd better do a good job." With that, Daesung walked away, leaving Yoona alone behind.
" Yoboseyo? Im Yoona imnida. I am from the Sales Department of SG Department Store. It's like this, we would like to invite Master Choi Seunghyun's brand to have a counter in our department store.... Ah yes, I know that you don't do counters and only open flagship stores. But we are very sincere about this offer, so could Master Choi give us just a little of his time? .... Just a little would do." Tot... Tot...  
" Yoboseyo? Yoboseyo? Aish!" Feeling frustrated, she dropped her head on the table, knocking her head. 
" Hey, why do you have to blabber about ' Choi Seunghyun'? And in front of the Director too?" asked Seungri in disbelieve.
" I was just giving an example. Who knew things would turn this way!"
" You're so pitiful, Im Yoona. You're a girl we should really care about. I have an idea that could help you." Seohyun said.
" How?"
" Easy. Just treat Choi Seunghyun as someone unimportant! Asking him to open a counter is giving him an opportunity. Put on airs, and he might agree." Seohyun recommended Yoona.
" Haiz..." Jiyong sighed, shaking his head with a disapproving look.
" Yah! What are you sighing about?" asked Yoona, feeling irritated.
" Do you guys know why sales in the company have fallen?" asked Jiyong.
" Who knows? Tell me." answered Seungri, straight-fowardly.
" Because of employee like you guys. You guys either stupid, taking pleasure in others' misfortune, complaining after the fact or have the attitude that it's the best to keep to yourself." Jiyong then throw the magazine he had been reading before on the table. " I'd be shock if the company's sales increased!" 
" Excuse me, besides critizing and complaining, is there anything else you can do?" asked Seohyun, feeling agitated.
" I really want to do something, but I just don't have the opportunity." Jiyong rebutted.
" There are opportunnities! How could there be none? You can help Yoona to settle the Choi Seunghyun issue." recommended Seungri.
" Hey Ri, I-" Just as Yoona was about to speak, Jiyong cut in.
" Please take responsibility for your own action, not my doing."
" Ri, I DOESN"T NEED a newbie who flips through magazines during office hours to help me!" 
" Thank god, I don't have any interest in helping a boss who has only work experience but no capability." Jiyong replied.
" Yah! What the hell did you just say?" 
" Wow! A korean that doens't understand korean huh?" Jiyong then touch one of the many poster of Choi Seunghyun that Yoona had. 
" Yah! Don't touch my Choi Seunghyun!" 
" So what if I touch it ?" Jiyong then touch the poster again.
" Why are you touching? I just told you not to touch it! You're still touching it!" Yoona then brushed off his had angrily.
" Manager, I really don't want to take this case. Can you find someone else to do it?" asked Jiyong.
" Im Yoona, did you tell him what rule number 1 is for newbie?" Daesung asked.
" Yah, ' You don't have the qualifications to think. Just act.' " read Yoona to him. 
" But manager, the problem is that I don't want to act!" replied Jiyong.
" Mr Kwon, that's easy. Just quit." answered Daesung, staring at him with a fierce glare. " Im Yoona, I have already told you that this person is in your charge and you're responsible for him. Alrights, I will meet my client now, goodbye baby goodbye~" 
" Ew... Gross" Seohyun mutter to herself.
" Yah! Kwon Jiyong, outline for me by tomorrow a business proposal for adding a brand."
Just when Yoona was packing her things up to go home, Jiyong handed up the proposal.
" I've finished writing the proposal." With that, Jiyong walked out of the office, going home. Just as Yoona flipped over to the first page, she was boiling in rage. 'We'll agree to all your conditions!' Angrily, she stomped out of the office to catch him up.
" KWON JIYONG! Stand right there! Let me ask you, what is this? ' We'll agree to all your conditions!' Is that called a proposal? Choi Seunghyun is not your average brand. He's the only Asian designer who has won three designs awards consecutively in France."
" That's why I say that we'll agree to all his conditions. Placement, fees, designs are all up to him. With such great conditions, if he still doesn't bite, then forget it."
" Don't be irrational, okay? Think about it, we have no standing in this company.'We'll agree to all your conditions!' What if the bosses don't agree? Take it back and redo it."
" I don't want to waste my time doing something meaningless."
" Meaningless?"
" Increasing sales is not an issue that can be resolved by just adding a designer brand, SG Department Store needs to change. It needs to change its organization and its static thinking. Arasso?" 
" Haha.Hehe.Hoho. Arasso? Pfft. You are a newbie that can't even write a proper business proposal. Don't you think that your words are a little ridiculous? Who do you think you are? The heir of SG Department Store?" 
" I know you don't understand what I am talking about because your capability is the same as your income, pitifully low." 
" You're right, Jiyong. My income is low. But every penny that I spend, I earned it myself. What right does an arrogant fool like you who didn't even know that you maxed out your credit card have to critise me? If you are capable, go find Choi Seunghyun and bring in his brand. Either that, or turn in a real business proposal to me."
" It's already a real proposal!" 
" Pfft. Forget it, I will go home and write it myself!" Yoona threw Jiyong's proposal on the floor, glaring at him then left him alone. 
" Youngbae, that's too cruel!" Jiyong groaned.
" Seriously? Grooming you from the bottom? Haha, to believe you actually have this day..."
" Not only that, I am also not allow to expose my identity too and my income is only $30,000. I wouldn't have come back if I knew that these are all going to happen." 
" Cheer up and cheers!" They both gulped their wine in one gulp.
" Hi~" Yuri walked over to them seductively.
" Hi." Jiyong answered cooly, flipped his hair and smiled.
" Who's that?" whispered Youngbae.
" Ah~ She is someone from the Merchandising Department. Hey, remember, must keep that as a secret. Ok?" Jiyong whispered back, hoping Yuri couldn't hear their conversation.
" Bro, I need to go to the washroom. Be right back!" Youngbae told Jiyong, running off to the washroom.
" Er.. Have a seat!" 
" Wow, you have a nice watch. Can I have a look?" Jiyong was flustered. But he manage to think of a solution. Fast
" A-ah..o-oh.. It is fake. Counterfeit. Looks exactly like the real thing. If you like it, I can buy one for you as a gift. I am just a small employee in the Sales Department. I have to work tomorrow morning so.. I've got to go first. I will buy one for you! " Jiyong said, leaving the pub almost immediately.
" Uhm... where is Jiyong?" asked Youngbae, after finishing his business in the toilet.
" Aish, right now, what I have to do is to find the house that I am going to live in for a year!"
10 mins later.
" What. The. Hell. Is. This? A mini flat? I hate you KWON SANG WOO!"
5 mins later.
" No lift? Pfft. " When Jiyong reached his unit, he tried opening the door, but to no avail, he couldn't. So he uses all sort of methods to try to open the door. Only to find out a hard push will do.
" What a lousy door." He then shut the door with a simple kick.
Who knows, oh well, gods knows. Sooyoung passed by his unit, of course she doesn't know it is Jiyong, think that there is some sort of problem with her new neighbour and continue to climb up the stairs. 
" Wow. I didn't know that I have so much things." Jiyong himself was amazed by the number of luggages and boxes he had. " Ah! I really hate you, appa!" 
" I'm back, Im Yoona~"
" Welcome back unnie." 
" There seems to be a new neighbour downstairs."
" Chinjia? I wonder what kind of person he is."
" Aish, the person must not have the three thing a person need : Money, car and house. So he is a nobody for us to care about." 
" But shouldn't we greet him?"
" I didn't even poke back my friends on Facebook. We can greet him whenever we see him." Sooyoung groaned.
" Okay..." 
" Wow, just nice, a piano for me to vent out my anger... Hehehe~" Jiyong then started banging on the piano.
" Did you hear that, Yoong?" 
" Yoong, I think he is a weirdo who have some anger management issues. Are you sure you want to greet him?"
Yoona then stared at Sooyoung.
" Don't look at me like that! I am gonna to take a shower!" Sooyoung then rush into the house. (A/N They live at the last floor or maybe the rooftop? So they have a balcony.)
He is scary.

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