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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Office Girlz [Chapter 2]

Chapter 2. - bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd soshibang yoona - main story image

Recap: "Appa, I admit that in the past, I like to play a little too much.But right now, I am set on expanding the business. I understand the intention to have me start from the bottom. I can make do starting from Manager." 
" Manager?" asked Mr Kwon.
" Yes." 
" Alright, from now on, you're the new employee in the Sales department of SG Department Store." Jiyong nodded. 
" Go and start as an assistant." 
" NO! Manager." Jiyong rebutted.
" Assistant. Oh, and in the future, you can only spend the money that you earn. And you must also sign these five contracts." Mr Kwon then handed him the contracts.
" 1. You must not reveal your identity at the company.
2. Your year-end performance must be above 'very good'.
3. You cannot use my money. You cannot use your credit card.
4. You cannot live at home.
5. You cannot reveal this contract. If within a year you haven't violate this contract, then I will consider your inheritance of this company." 
" What if I violate these contracts? "
" Then, that means you don't have the ability to survive in the workforce, so don't even talk about managing the company. Then I can only ask you, Young Master Kwon, to put in a little effort and look for a job online." For no reason, Jiyong started laughing.
" Why are you laughing?"
" What did I do to make you look down on me? I don't want to inherit the company anymore, alright?" Finishing his sentence, he walked out of the room peacefully, until...
" How is my G-Dragon doing?" asked Eunhye, known as the Vice general manager, or Jiyong's fake 'umma'.
" Not great." 
Knock~ Knock~ 
" Come in." said Mr Kwon as Eunhye made her way into the office.
" President." Mr Kwon then sighed.
" You have worked with me the longest. You understand Jiyong, too. I think that you would agree with my desicion." Eun Hye then nodded. " SG Department Store is just like my son. I cannot let my other son to destory it." Eun Hye nodded again. " President, leave it to me. I will try to talk some sense into him."  Sang Woo then handed the contracts to Eun Hye. " Thanks and sorry for the trouble." 
" It's nothing, I will take my leave first then." Eun Hye said as she made her way towards the door.
In Eun Hye's office
" Kwon Jiyong or G-Dragon, your father sent you aboard is to study, not play."
" I did. I even got my diploma. All he wanted was that diploma."
" Let me tell you, your father is serious this time. If you can show him good results..." 
" Eun Hye umma, you have worked with him for more than 10 years. You don't know his pastime, do you? He takes great joy in rejecting me. No matter how good a job I do, he'll never be satisfied. Sometimes I even question myself if I am his biological son."
" Of COURSE you ARE!" 
" How do you know?"
" I-I... Why am I telling you all this? Then use your actions to prove to your father that he's wrong. This are your contracts. Sign it unless you don't have the guts. Oh, and from now on, please call me ' VP Yoon'." 
" Yes, VP YOON. May I ask if you have any other orders? " 
" Yes, sure. This is your account book. Also, Nichkhun have already rent a house for you. From now on, you have to move out and live on your own. The keys and address are inside." Jiyong then took a look at his account book, only to find out that he only have $30,000.
" What the ?! My expense for one night is more than this!"
" You should know that this is the first time the company is paying the salary in advance. Your future salary will be deducted to reflect that. You have to understand. The company have been in business for more than 10 years. This is the first time that an employee is being paid in advance. So you should manage your money wisely. What do you think? You cannot afford to play this game?"
" Can I not?"
" Of course, then can I call you this in the future?"
" Call me what?"
" Sissy." Feeling offended, he took a look at the contracts, feeling that it is just a game of survival.
" I will play with him." With that, she signed the contracts without much thoughts.
In the office of Sales Department 
" Im Yoona, what is this? Look, this page is filled with tiny characters. If you're so good with small fonts sizes, what don't you edit a dictionary?" asked Daesung, feeling angry. 
" I've tried my best to focus on the important points, but there is too much data so 2 pages of A4 is not enough." 
" Aish! A4 is just an example, just take it as an example ok? What are you trying to say by making the font so small? Do you want me to hold on a magnifying glass when I report it to the CEO? How can your comprehension be so low?" 
" Let me go and increase the size." 
" No, never mind. Since you have already done it, go to the meeting room with me."
" Meeting?" 
" What?! Are you questioning me? I am letting you see for yourself how we high class managers hold an inter-department meeting. If you aren't at a sertain level, you can't even attend. It is your luck to be able to go with me. Cherish and seize this opportunity, got it? Remember, after we go in, only speak when I tell you to. Don't start a fire for me."
" Yes."
" Move, move! Get on it!" Just as Yoona began to continue her work, Sooyoung came in.
" Eh? What are you doing here? Did you go to the wrong department again?"
" Manager Kang, this is the new employee in the Sales Department, Kwon Jiyong. This is his resume. Then, he's all yours. Bye." 
" Bye." After Sooyoung left, Yoona turned her head towards the direction of where the 'new employee' was standing, she was literally shock.
He was him, the arrogant guy. 

Same thing happened to Jiyong too. Shock.
She was her, the dinosaur girl.

" Arrogant guy?"
" Dinosaur girl?"
" What? Dinosaur girl? You don't have the permission to call me that."
" Then why did you call me arrogant guy? You don't have the permission to call me that either."
" Yah, you guys know each other?"
" NO." Both Yoona and Jiyong reply at the same time. After replying, Yoona continue doing her work while Jiyong just ruffle his hair in embarassment.
" Kwon Jiyong." Called Daesung.
" Yeah?"
" You studied Management?"
" Yes." 
" Hey," 
" Yeah?" 
" If you were sent directly from HR, it means you have some connections. Tell me, what is your connection." Upon hearing this, Jiyong then thought of the contracts he had signed with his father.
" I applied for the position myself. No one referred me." 
" Okay Mr Kwon, listen to me well, the most important Department in SG Department Store is our Sales department..." While Daesung is speaking, both Jiyong and Yoona exchanged glares of hatred.
" UNDER ~ my great and fine guidance MR KWON please pay attention, we have the highest performance of all the departments."
" Manager, I am more interested in how the year-end goal for the department is determined."
" Well, you don't need to worry about that. Your first goal is to observe, listen, and follow your manager's orders. Got that?" 
" Then what if the manager's direction is wrong?"
" I am sorry, so is it right or wrong about what I had said just now?" asked Daesung.
" Some parts right, some parts wrong. I think Sale's Department's goals should be determined by the entire team."
" OK. Mr Kwon, do you really think that just because your last name is 'Kwon', you're the relative of the President or something? Hell no! The sales goals for our department is 'Do what I tell you to!' Ok?"
" Hey you, Im Yoona, this newbie is your responsibility."
" Really? Okay, I am fine with it." 
" But I don't want to." Jiyong interupted.
" WHAT?!" Seohyun and Seungri looked at him in dismay. 
" Mr Kwon, do you think those with the last name of 'Kwon' have the final say? I don't have the energy to bother with you. Yoona-ah, you want to be the Team Leader right? Then you need to learn to train others. He's yours. Hwaiting!" Daesung then gave a light punch on Yoona's shoulder, while smiling at Jiyong.
" Sit." Demanded Yoona.
" I don't want to." 
" Sit." Knowing that there is no way out, Jiyong then went over to the empty table in front of Yoona's, which is his now, and sit like a boss.
Yoona, who is smiling evilily at him now, took out the dinosaur head that she had put on that morrning.
" So you are-" Before Jiyong could finish his sentence, Yoona interupted him.
" Yes, I am."
" Then, do I really have to-"
" You do."
" I was just kidding."
" But I am serious. Alright, let me first introduce you to your co-workers." 
" It's time for my lunch."
" Yah! Kwon Jiyong! Yah!"
" Yah! Kwon Jiyong! Where are you going? It's still working hours, stop loitering around the mall."
" I've already told you, to lunch! It's almost noon."
" I was introducing you to your- YAH! Why are you walking so fast! What I am trying to say is that-"
" You are going to introduce my co-workers to me, I know."
" But you didn't even care! Is that the attitude a newbie should have?"
" Then may I ask what attitude should a newbie have?"
" Respect your boss!"
" So it doesn't matter whether the boss is right or wrong, everyone should shut up and blindly follow. That shouldn't be called respect."
" OH MY! I don't care! Anyway, Manager wants me in charge. If you perform badly, I am responsible."
" I am really hungry. If you have anything to say, do it over lunch."
" Yah! I already have lunch plans."
" Bring them all."
" What?"
" Our company have a total of 252 counters. The responsibility of the Sales Department besides managing the different floors, is mainly to assist the counters in reaching their sales goals. Yah! Hey! I am still talking! Can you pause for a moment?"
" Once a steak is cold, it doesn't taste good anymore. You say your thing, I am listening. Continue."
" Alright, anyway-" 
" Have you decided what to eat already, Sooyoung?" 
" I can't get myself to spend a day's wage on one meal." 
" Order what you want, it's my treat." 
" You should have said that earlier!" 
" Sooyoung! Kwon Jiyong, don't think of bribing me."
" I am okay with it. Someone is willing to be a big spender. I am willing to be bribed by him."
" Choi Sooyoung!"
" Yoong, look." Yoona then turned her head towards the direction of where Sooyoung's pointing, only to find out it is their company's black and sexy pearl, Yuri and her friends.
" I am so hungry. Are you guys hungry?" Yuri asked her friends. Upon seeing Yuri, Jiyong's jaw dropped.
" Sooyoung, Yoona, are they from our company?"
" Aish, that Seohyun is always following Yuri. She should be asked to be move to the Merchandising Department."
" Kwon Yuri?"
" She's Assistant Manager of the Merchandising Department. She has really good PR skills." Yoona explained. While she is explaining, tons of people are rushing toward her to give her flowers.
" It's roses!" Hyoyeon exclaimed.
" People send flowers to her even when she's eating." Yoona said.
" The most important part is she's pretty." Jiyong rebutted as he continues to stare at her.
" Yah! Jiyong! Stop staring," Sooyoung said, hitting his arm. " The guys by her side are either big bosses or rich son. Guys like you with no car, no money, no house should move aside. Just say 'Bye Bye' to her~" explained Sooyoung, like an expert.
" I don't think so, Sooyoung. Waiter! Open an '82 Lafite for that young lady." Said Jiyong, pointing to Yuri, handing the waiter his credit card. 
" Omo, a red wine from 1982? Seriously? Kwon Jiyong, are you trying to blow big bucks to get her attention? Do you have the money?" asked Sooyoung.
" Haiz.. It is just a small change."
" Look Yuri unnie, Im Yoona that stingy person would eat at a restaurant like this?" asked Seohyun.
" Who is the guy beside her?" aked Taeyeon.
" Oh~ He's the new employee in our department. He argued with Manager Kang on his first day. I guess he won't last for a month." Yuri then take a look at Jiyong.
" But he is hot." Argued Hyoyeon.
" What's the point of being hot? Can being hot feed you? He's just a pennilness assistant." Seohyun shot back.
" Yah! Seo, did you not notice that he's covered in brands name from head to toe?" asked Yuri, smirking.
" Yah! Seohyun, do you know his family background?" asked Taeyeon.
" Kang Daesung has asked. He has no background." answered Seohyun.
" Uhm, sir, this card is rejected. Do you have another card?" asked the waiter to Jiyong.
Hearing that, Yuri and her friends brust out laughing.
" Eh? How could it be? Something must be wrong with the machine. Do you know what this is? A black card. Go and try again."asked Jiyong.
" I have tried it many times. Do you want to use another card or pay by cash?" 
" Are you done or not? Give it back to me!" Keeping his card back into the wallet, Jiyong then thought of what Sang Woo said to him: You can't use my money. You can't use your credit card.
" I... My apologies. I will pay in a bit." 
" Give me a minute." said Jiyong as he made his way out of the restaurant.
Phone Coversation between Jiyong and Sang Woo.
Jiyong: Appa, didi you cancel my credit card?
Sang Woo: I applied for the credit card, and I made the payments. Can't I cancel?
Jiyong: Is this a joke?
Sang Woo: I told you very clearly this morning. Do you think I was joking? And, if you would like to contract me during working hours in the future, get permission first from your manager. Bye.
Jiyong: Hello? Hello? Damn it!
" You're really playing with me? Pfft." 
" Kwon Jiyong, Kwon Jiyong! You're ridiculous! You didn't even know that you went over your card limit? I paid the $970 for you!" Shouted Yoona. 
" I will repay you in a bit." 
" What ' in a bit'? Repay her right now! Let's go to the ATM together!" Exclaimed Sooyoung.
" Sure."
Sooyoung exclaimed as she took the receipt." Holy shit! Your account balance is zero! Kwon Jiyong! Kwon Jiyong, you sure have guts. You had only $30,000 in your account and you still dare to pretend to be rich and pick up girls? Aren't you afraid for your life living like this?" 
" I don't need you to tell me how to manage my money. Yah! Im, Here is... $800, $900, $1000 Keep the change." Jiyong said as he handed Yoona the money.
" Wait a minute." Yoona stopped Jiyong. " I still have to give you what's yours. $30, take it." 
" Aish, why are you so troublesome? Arasso, arasso." Jiyong then took the $30 dollar from Yoona.
" Money is hard to earn, don't waste it." Finishing her sentence, Yoona then left Jiyong and Sooyoung. 
" And you say you're going to treat. ' It is a small change' Whatever. Pfft. Yoona-ah ! Wait for unnie!" Sooyoung then ran to catch up Yoona.

To Be Continued.....

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