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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Office Girlz [Chapter 1]

✍ Office Girlz - bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd soshibang yoona - main story image


Kwon Jiyong Im Yoona


Kwon Jiyong has everything handed to him because he is the future successor of SG Department Store. However, his father worries for him is that he will not make a good manager and decides to train him by having him work as an entry-level employee for a year. Also, during the year, he has to live on his own salary and never reveal his true identity, or else he will have to renounce his succession right. Jiyong could not have survived the year has it not been for Im Yoona's office survival guide. Im Yoona is a SG marketing specialist who has just saved her first $1,000,000 for the down payment on a house. She always works very hard to achieve her goal. Together, Yoona and Jiyong accomplish the impossible, shining brightly on the bottom of the office pyramid.
Kwon Jiyong

Kwon Jiyong, 26, a son of a wealthy family who just graduated from MBA in USA and returns to Seoul. His father, Kwon Sang Woo, is the chairman of SG Department Store.
Im Yoona

Im Yoona, 24 years old this year, is a low-level staff in the sales department of SG Department Store, and has worked there for nearly 4 years.
Kang Daesung

Kang Daesung, a weird and funny manager in the sales department.
Choi Sooyoung

Choi Sooyoung, Yoona's bestfriend and her job is to only deliver the files.
Dong Youngbae

Dong Youngbae, Jiyong's bestfriend and the only one who knows Jiyong's identity.
Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yuri, who later knows Jiyong identity, trying to lure him to her.


Super Saver Im Yoona has earned her first $1,000,000. Im Yoona felt so thrilled, that she started printing out receipt after receipt to the point where a line starts forming behind her. Then, there was this man that starts to yell at her, " Young lady! That's not a printer but an ATM!".

At the same time in the airport, Kwon Jiyong, has just arrived from New York and he mistakenly got into the car of some scary foreigners. He realizes he got in the wrong car as they start to growl at him. So what he does is what anyone in sunglasses would do in those situation, pretend to be blind.
-Yoona's POV
Hi everyone! My name is Im Yoona, an employee in the sales department of SG Departmant Store. I've been in the workforce for four years, never treat others, don't buy clothes that cost more than $10, don't go to the movies, karaoke, and don't take taxi. The reason why I am so frugal is because I want to buy my own house, where umma and I can live in. Today is the day I've been anticipating the most. Right now, standing in front of the ATM, hoping that Heaven sees all my hard work. As an office girl, I swallow down my pride, endure and suffer through anything, work overtime everyday and don't feel tired, never fights back when my boss yells at me, I am so frugal with my money, and from my limited income, I saved the first million dollars of my life! Although this million dollars is just a little dent in global economy, but it's a big step in my life.This million dollars just put me one step closer to my dream of buying a house! I am SO elated that I started printing receipt after receipt, not knowing there is a long queue behind me, well, until a middle-age man started yelling at at me.
Normal POV
" Yah! Young lady! That's a ATM, not a printer!" 
" Opps! Mianhae! Joesonghabnida!" Yoona, of course, being the polite one, apologize.
Yoona's POV
Although I am very frugal, sometimes I will treat myself to a little something. Fashion legend Choi Seunghyun is my idol! 
Although I can't afford to buy his clothes, I can afford to buy his magazine.^o^
Normal POV
After buying the magazine, Yoona then head towards her scooter, getting ready to go for work. However...
" Eh? Why isn't the engine starting?" Yoona then talk a look at her watch.
" God! It is already 8:53!"
Yoona's POV
I am a normal office girl. My looks, body, IQ and academic background, performance, and income are average, even the way I dress is average too! Some people may think that the life of an office girl is boring but I don't think so one bit! I love working! *Yoona then began running off to work* I firmly believe that as long as I put in a little more effort, I will become sucessful. Im Yoona! Go for it! 
Sooyoung was creeping towards Yoona's office, trying to help Yoona to clock in her time card since she was suppose to be in the office by nine. However... Her actions were being caught by the head of the Sales Department, also known as Kang Daesung.
" Miss Choi Sooyoung, may I ask what are you doing?" Daesung then took the card from her. " Let me see, see. YOU AREN'T TRYING TO CLOCK IN FOR IM YOONA, ARE YOU ?" 
" O-Of course not Manager Kang, I am just afraid that once Yoona gets here, she won't be able to find her card, so I am holding it for-"
" THEN WHY ARE YOU HOLDING ON TO HER CARD WHEN SHE IS NOT EVEN HERE YET ?! Clocking in for others is seriously against the company policy! You are in the HR department and you don't even know that rule?! I don't want to complain about you young ones, we all work hard to..."
" MANAGER KANG! There is a hot chick!"
" Where is it? Where are they ?!" Taking advantage of Daesung scanning the whole office for the ' hot chick' , Sooyoung grabbed the card immediately, ran out of the office once she heard Yoona running towards it, passing her the card and 'Ding!' it sounds, Yoona was not late just by a few seconds. Of course, they jumped for joy.
" That's enough!" shouted Daesung, and both of them stopped. "Im Yoona! You are lucky. If not, I was thinking that your history of four years of perfect attendance would have been BOOM! ruin." 
" Manager, from now on, I will leave my house earlier."
" In the afternoon, I am having a meeting with CEO. Hurry and prepare the past three months' sales performance report and put it on my desk." Just as Daesung was about to leave the office, Yoona spoke out. 
" Manager, isn't it your responsibility to gather the sales report for the meeting?"
" Yeah. Of course that is something that I, as a manager, have to report. But it is your responsibility for gathering the data. Get on it! Bye~!" 
" Nichkhun-ah, I am here. Which car are you driving to pick me up?" Jiyong called Nichkhun, using his cellphone.
" What? What do you mean by the 'extra long kind' ?" Jiyong asked, " Ok, I don't care, if it doesn't fit, that's your problem."
" What? He is picking me up in this car?" As soon as Jiyong walked out of the airport, he saw a Volkswagen, parking there. 
" God, it's so not stylish!" After commenting about the car, he got on it.
" Hey, where is Nichkhun?"
" Nich-Nichkhun?" asked the driver.
" Nevermind, load the luggage."
" Sooyoung, look!" 
" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Seven digits! One million, seven digit!" Yoona exclaimed.
" I thought I'd have to save for another month, but last year's tax return came in, now I am one step closer to my dream house! One million dollars!"
" Yoona, calm down. Lower down your volume." Sooyoung calmed Yoona down.
" I can't help it! I am a millionaire now! "
Just then, some foreigners came into the car. 
" Who are you?" asked Jiyong. However, what he received was...
" Who the hell are you? Better get out of the car now before a bruise appear in your handsome face." said one of the foreigner.
" Oh, yes, yes. I am blind. I can see anything! Big brother, you are so tall. Yeah, tall." With that Jiyong immediately got out of the car.
Ring~ Ring~ You've got a call! 
" Where do you think I am ?" 
" Oh! I saw you! Give me a minute! " exclaimed Nichkhun. 
" Young master! " Nichkhun shouted, trying to get his attention. 
In the car
" An extra long version? Van?" 
" Yes. This car is indeed a little longer than the average car."
" My old man told you to do this? Huh? Well, you don't need to reply, I know. The only person in the world that will do this to me is him!"
" I told you to gather sales report and you really did gather all this crap for me. Take a look. The numbers are so squished and condensed, the CEO will get angry at the sight of it. Didn't I tell you before? Pick a few goals, think of some slogans, to improve yourself so that all managers in the meeting room will applaud for you saying you are the best. Naega Jeil Jal Naga! Okay? Here, redo it. Look at yourself, such a thick stack, are you turning into a thesis? Listen carefully, the version that you redo cannot be more than 2 A4 paper.Put it on my desk when you done. Got it?" asked Daesung.
" Yes, I got it." Replied Yoona.
Ring~ Ring~
" Hello? This is Im Yoona from the sales department."
" What? The part-time worker on the sales floor did not show up again?"
" Arasso, I will be there right away."
" Young Master, we're here." said Nichkhun.
" Ah~ Why did you bring me to the Department Store?" asked Jiyong sleepily as he had just woken up.
" The president told me to bring you here directly."
" Why's he so impatient? Can't he let me take a rest first? Or... He can't wait to discuss with me about inheriting the company? "
" Well, I am not sure about this... Young Master, please." With that, Jiyong got out of the van and headed into the department store.
" Young Master, you need to hold it up this time!" Nichkhun whispered to himself. 
While Jiyong strolled around the department store, sexy Yuri caught his eyes. Just when he wanted check out Yuri more, Yoona, who is now in a green dino suit, blocked his sight.
" Dino girl, I am calling you, come here." Asked Jiyong.
" What is it?" asked Yoona as she make her way to Jiyong.
" Help me pass this rose to the lady over there."
" Hey! Why do I have to give it to her?"
" Isn't serving customers the most basic reponsibility og employees?"
" I am sorry, picking up girls for a silly boy is not my job."
" A silly boy? Me? " 
" Yeah, you."
" What kind of attitude is that for a part-time worker?" Yoona, being spite by him words took off the ' Dino's head' off immediately.
" So what if I am only a part-time worker? Who are you then?"
" If someday I become the owner of this place, you'll be the first person I fire!"
" Owner? It's more likely that I will be your boss, owner!"
" I swear, if you become my boss one day, I will wear this dinosaur costume for you!"
" Sure the probability of that is higher! How about you just wear it now? Wear it! Wear it!"
" Fine I will wear it, I am not scared of you!"
" The head is here, take it, wear it!" Jiyong then turn his head to where Yuri have been standing before, but only to find out that she's already gone.
" No point looking~ She's gone!"
" Shut your mouth up." Jiyong then started walking away.
" Eww... What's wrong with this guy?"
Knock~ Knock~
" Come in." said Sang Woo as he made his way back to his seat.
" Appa. Did you take a look at the proposal which I mailed for you before I returned? Great isn't it?"
" I have looked at it. Of course I have looked at it. It's the proposal that wanted to tear down the old neighbourhood around the department store."
" Yes." Replied Jiyong. 
" A proposal which have alot of individuality. Not bad." 
" I learned one thing when I was aboard. A department store should not be just a store. From the outside architecture to the surrounding of the environment, everything should have a cultural connotation as public art. So tearing down those old houses is the first step in realizing this proposal."
" Not bad. You have guts."
" And after I inherit the company, the first thing I'll do is take over Ninth Street Espresso's Asia CEO position. I can't help it. When I first arrived in New York, I fell in love with their coffee."
" That plan was brilliant. How much investment do you need?"
" I estimate that I only need 15,000,000 USD to acquire it. I am BFF with the heir, Nielson."
" Only 15,000,000 USD?"
" Yes."
" That's cheap."
" Appa, you've improved! You're so straightforward now!"
" I haven't improve, I haven't change. Only that I have nothing to say about you paying the money."
" What?"
" You don't have money huh? I will give you the opportunity to make money. From now on, you'll start at the bottom of the company. Work hard."
" Stop kidding around. The point of sending me to US to get a MBA is so that I can inherit the company and become the CEO. I am ready."
" You're ready ? For what? Are you going to ruin my life's work? Your studying in US, tell me how much of my money you spent! Other people can get their degree in two years, you took five freaking years. When you're a student, you didn't wake up in the day and sleep at night. You think I don't know what you're doing? You're wrong. "
"Appa, I admit that in the past, I like to play a little too much.But right now, I am set on expanding the business. I understand the intention to have me start from the bottom. I can make do starting from Manager." 
What will happen next? Stay tune to find out. Oh yeah, sorry if it is draggy at the office part, but since my title is ' Office Girlz' I felt that what I write must be related to office.

To Be Continued....

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