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Jumat, 18 Oktober 2013

Movie posters for T.O.P's 'The Commitment (Alumni)' released!

Movie posters for T.O.P's 'The Commitment (Alumni)' released

Movie posters for 'The Commitment' (or 'Alumni') have been released, featuring a wounded and anguished T.O.P as the main character Lee Myung Hoon.

All the captions relate to the promise he made to his younger sister, saying no matter what he will keep the promise to return and save her.  T.O.P plays a North Korean spy who infiltrates South Korea in order to keep this very promise to his sister who meanwhile remains a captive.

The movie will be released in the theaters in November!  It is sure to be great, seeing as how his facial expressions in these posters really capture the painful emotions he will endure throughout the film.  Also check out the trailer here if you haven't already!

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