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Jumat, 09 Agustus 2013

To the Caribbean, Infinite Sungyeol Sunggyu Find Similar Lizard?

Ke Karibia, Sungyeol Infinite Temukan Kadal yang Mirip Sunggyu?
Among each other idol group members, it is common. But mocking the leader, Infinite Sungyeol seems one of the few idol group members who dared to do so. Yep, in a radio broadcast 'Escape Cultwo Two O'clock Show', Sungyeol told me that he was named a lizard by the name Sunggyu.
On the radio broadcast, Sungyeol also revealed the reason why he called Sunggyu like lizards. Sungyeol said it began when he joined the variety show 'Rules of The Jungle'.
In the variety show, Sungyeol were required to travel to very remote areas, Caribbean. There, the guy is 22 years old were asked to try to survive in the wild without any modern technology.
"I wanted to cry when I was there, but now when I come back here I so want to go back there again," said Sungyeol. But while in the Caribbean sadness did not last long, because he found something funny.
Sungyeol claimed if he found a lizard-like with friends fellow member Infinite, Sunggyu. "We caught a lizard whose eyes are very small. Lizard was also shy and timid. He always scowling and always wanted to run away, "he said.
"The nature and the lizard's face is very similar to Sunggyu, so I named the lizard with the name Sunggyu." So curious lizard called like Sunggyu ^ ^

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