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Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

TVXQ profile

TVXQ (東方神起)
Changmin, Yunho

YUNHO (윤호)

Stage Name : U-Know/Yunho (윤호)

Birth Name : Jung Yunho (정윤호)

Chinese Name : Yun Hao (允浩)

English Name : U-Know

Date of birth : February 6, 1986

Place of birth : Gwangju, South Korea

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 66 kg

Blood Type : A

Religion : Christian

Position : Leader, Lead dancer, Bass, Baritone

Occupations : Singer, dancer, rapper, model, actor

Associated acts : SM Town, TVXQ

Siblings : younger sister (Jung Ji Hye)

Specialty/Hobby : Listening to music, reading, sports, composing music, singing and dancing


Stage Name : Max/Changmin (창민)

Birth Name : Shim Changmin (심창민)

Nickname(s) : Choikang Changmin

Chinese Name : Chang Min (昌珉)

English Name : Max

Date of birth : February 18, 1988

Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 184 cm

Weight : 61 kg

Blood Type : B

Religion : Buddhism

Position : Tenor, High Vocal, Maknae

Occupations : Singer, actor, model, songwriter, dancer, composer

Associated acts : SM Town, TVXQ

Specialty/Hobby : Music, singing, eating

Siblings : 2 younger sister (Shim Sooyeon and Shim Jiyeon)

Education : Kon Kuk University

2 komentar:

London Girl~ TVXQ Lover mengatakan...

TVXQ♥ Love it! They're SΘ cute

Lovely Changmin mengatakan...

Yea, they are Cool & good looking too. Specially Changmin

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