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Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Kim Jong Kook Facts

Being a fan of Kim Jong Kook is a new thing for me. I actually knew his songs few years ago. I listened his 2010 album. I also know about of his song, One Man because Super Junior Yesung sang the song on Immortal Song 2. But, I still didn’t recognize him coz I still focused to Yesung at that time. I recognized his Turbo’s song, Remisniscene after I listened Super Junior KRY version.
Then, I saw him on Running Man. Firstly, I watched Running Man because of Super Junior Siwon and Heechul who became guests on Running Man. After I watched several broadcasts of Running Man, I slowly see this ‘One Man’. He has powerful aura on RM. He’s so powerful and rules everything on RM. He becomes a commander on RM and it's attracted me. I really like a man with a great power on his hands.
What a surprise when I realize that he is a bear with mosquito’s voice. When I listened his song without knowing his appearance, I really enjoyed his songs and I don’t think that he has so muscular body. I just think it doesn’t match but, whatever it is I really like him now. Here, I’ll try to write some facts about him that I read on some article, some talk shows and variety shows I watched.
1. He was born in April, 25 1976 in Yongsan, Seoul (the age that a man should get married…hehehe). He was born in a year of dragon. No wonder he's really strong.
2. He comes from rich family. He said that his mom comes from rich family and his dad is on military who also comes from rich family. His older brother is a surgeon. It is said that Kim Jong Kook is a young master of Hapcheon (a city in South Korea) means that his family runs lot of business stuff in Hapcheon. His family runs hotel, supermarket, restaurant and factory in Hapcheon. It’s not like some Korean celebrities in South Korea who come from poor families and become a breadwinner.
3. His debut was in 1995. He was a member of Turbo. A famous dance group at that time.
4. He has a serious problem with his back since he was still in Turbo.
5. He is a Korean celebrity who has the best body. (I'm too shy to post his topless get blushed...)

6. He is a bear with a mosquito’s voice. Kim Je Dong said that on Star Golden Bell. He has big body but little voice. But I think it’s cute and that makes him unique.
7. He is the second singer in Korea who swapped 3 daesang (top award) from 3 major TV.
8. He often created ‘love scandal’ during his variety shows. He had ‘loveline’ with Yoo Eun Hye on X-Man and on Family Outing he had loveline with Lee Hyori and Park Yee Jin.
9. He finished his master on Pop Culture Performing Arts – School of Arts Department from Dankook University in 2011. Not many celebrities who achieve master degree. His achievement makes me more adore him. He really has ‘smart line’ from his family, remember that his older brother is a doctor.
10. He was a rebellious student. Once, he was offered a mobile phone and by a gangster if he joined the group. At that time, mobile phone was a luxurious thing. But, he refused it because he had his own dream for his future.
11.He was envy to his older brother because his brother’s smarter than him. He tried the best on his study just because he wanted to be a doctor just like his brother.
12. He is Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong’s line. Means that they are teachers to him.
13. His closest celebrity dongsaengs are Haha and MC Mong. Recently, it's also Kwang Soo.

14. He also becomes close with Lee Kwang Soo after the starred on Running Man.
15. He never dated thin woman. Once he said that he prefers chubby girl than the thin one.
16. He is a beast with gentle manner.   
      He's so nice to kids. He wrote message for kids with his own handwriting

17. So far, he has 11 albums. Still waiting his new album this year. It is said that he will release his new album this year. He's already released his new album 'Journey Home' . (I've bought it)
18. He is a frugal person. He gets this from his father.
19. He’s 76’s liner along with Jae Hyuk and Cha Tae Hyun.
20. He proved ‘tradition’ of not being able to rise once again after military service false. He made a successful comeback. He got his new variety show not long after he released from his service and also his album was success. He got awards for his works right after his comeback. He looks sexy wearing army uniform

21. He had 2 concerts in Japan in 2009 and 2010. And it announced that he will hold a concert in Japan this year, but unfortunately it was just fan meeting (still Japanese fans was so lucky, I'm so envy T_T).
22. He made a bold step by making his own agency, JK entertainment, derived from his name, Jong Kook.
23. He has a cute nickname ‘Kook Jong’ during Family Outing and ‘Kooki’ during Running Man and he was known as ‘Han Namja’ or ‘One Man’ during X-Man. The other nicknames on Family outing are Trainer Kook and The Muscle Man. While on Running Man are The Commander, SpartaKook, Coach Kook, and Tiger.
24. Even though his brother is a plastic surgeon but he never does plastic surgery (that’s only my opinion). It’s because he’s already got his sharp nose even since he was teen. And also his famous single eyelid. Here's the picture that shows his sharp nose in 1998 when the plastic surgery wasn't so popular as nowadays.

25. He sang a song in Kang Ho Dong, Cha Tae Hyun, and Yoo Jae Suk’s wedding. Recently, he sang wedding congratulatory on Haha' wedding and Kwon Ryeol (YJS's VJ on RM).
26. He has a niece who also a singer, Soya.

27. He's so famous with his 'gentle hand manner'
28. He really likes work out. He said that he even got dumped by his girlfriend because of his love to gym.
29. He can speak English well. His English has no Korean accent and I found that he's so sexy when speaking English.   
Watch here....
( , , ,
And He sings English song very well. Watch here
30. He's officially known as 'National Oppa'.
31. He lives in Anyang, it's about 20 km from Seoul.
32. He can play football well. He joined Asian Dream with Park Ji Sung. He also became a football coach in Shootdori. His soccer skill is outstanding, Jung Dae Sae (North Korean footballer) even praised his performance in Asian Dream Charity
33. He likes to watch drama. He even want to be Prince Yang Myung role in The Moon Embracing the Sun. He also likes Moon Geun Young's movie "Little Bride".
34. He doesn't like watching horror movie.
35. His weakness is women. He'll become shy in front of women. 
36. He's not drinking nor smoking. He has healthy life. He also doesn't eat deep fried food.

37. He will be chocked if he eat spicy food (revealed this fact on Running Man episode 103 when his team had to eat spicy food).
38. He takes care his hair style too much. He will be angry if his hair style was ruined. And he likes to fix his hair, he often does it during Family Outing or Running Man recording.
39. He can't get up easily in the morning. (In every Running Man which has 'wake up' mission especially on Running Man episode 66)
40. Once, in the past, his plastic surgeon brother suggested him to do plastic surgery on his eyes but he refused. That's why I think his face is still original...hehehe...his sharp nose and jaw is still same since his young age.
41. He's indeed a smart person. He was know as a smart boy in town. His parents encouraged him to become a doctor as his older brother. He was often studied in a same room with his elite brother who is a doctor now. It is said that at that time he studied hard and dreamed of applying to medical school but unfortunately he failed.   For now, we can see his smart when he solved and did all missions on Running Man. He has sharp intuition and instinct. He named himself as a detective from joseon era and the other members admit it. That's why he's famous with both his brain and brawn.
42. When he was in high school, he was known as 'Axe Kim' or 'Kim Dokki'. It is because he was a terror. No one can win fight against him. When he was in his first grade in high school he was number 1 in his school and when he was in his second grade he was number 1 in all high school in Anyang (a city where he live). He became a legend in Anyang. It is said that he dominated the whole school with his chinky and fierce eyes and even a blocked was will be opened if his name was mentioned. 
43. He was 'god of study' in his school days. His teachers asked him to become a leader for self-study hours after school so nobody can run away. 
43. His mom was sick physically and mentally because of his bad son and because of making his mom sick, Kim Jong Kook stopped his 'axe kim' lifestyle and studied steadily as a test-taker and tried to apply to medical school.
44. He really likes Park Ji Sung. In a talk show (Come to Play in 2008) he once said that he wish to play soccer with Park Ji Sung and his dream was come true (Running Man episode 95-97). In Running Man, He participated in Ji Sung's soccer team for charity in Thailand. 
45. When the reporter asked KJK's plastic surgeon brother which part of KJK's face that he want to give surgery on, he answered that it's everywhere except his nose.LOL. Indeed, he has sharp masculine nose shape. (Star King)
46. He really loves his family. He still lives with his parents. He lets her mom to handle his bank account. He takes his mom several trips every year. He paid his brother's medical school tuition. Recently, his brother Kim Jong Myung revealed that KJK paid his tuition for six years. In addition, he's looking for his future wife who love his mom and family as well.
47. He's so popular among kids. He said himself in an interview that little kids think that he is a superhero. He build his image as a Commander, someone who can trust when it comes to the kids. That's why in every Running Man episode, he never betraying (my opinion). He tries to keep his image as a commander.
48. He can play musical instrument, piano. (This is due to one of his fans' answer when I asked what musical instrument can KJK play)
49. He composed two songs during his Turbo time, entitled 'Only Seventeen' and 'Abandonment' watch here
50. He said that his father doesn't like go out, that's why he doesn't try to ask his father to go out with him.
51. He wants to get married before 40.
52. He can draw very well. He showed his drawing skill on running Man (even the PD took his drawing as a cover design for cards on 'find the thief' game). Recently, he showed his drawing skill on an interview, he drew  on smartphone.
53. His martial arts skill is awesome. Watch this and you'll be amazed.
54. He often makes love line during RM.
55. His IQ is 136...(No wonder he's so smart, finished his postgraduate which not much celebrities reach this far)
56.  He often wears same outfit. He wears the same belt from Family Outing to Running Man. Just remember he's a frugal person. hehehe
57.  He wears the same brand of underwear. hahaha... I saw he wears Calvin Klein on Star King...(LOL)
58.  He loses his weight easily when he goes on diet.
59. He likes reading but he'll fall asleep after 5 minutes of reading an English book. He said sometimes when he can't fall asleep, he'll flip through a book.
60.  He's very good in sport. He used to do taekwondo, sireum (traditional Korean wrestling), and boxing and also weightlifting and soccer.
61.  He likes drinking chicken breast milkshake.
62.  He said if he feel hungry at night he'll think that he'll get huge delicious breakfast.
63.  He never skip his breakfast.
64.  He likes lecturing and coaching. In Family Outing he coached Hyori how to strength her back and he trained Park Hae Jin to strength his lower body. While on Running Man he always give lecturing how to do this and that to other members. He also gave lecturing to his manager Kim Gab Jin, he teaches English to his manager. Furthermore, He said that he likes giving coaching in a gym, some time in a gym there is a woman, she's surprised that KJK was in the same gym with her, coz of that the woman didn't pay attention to her work out, then KJK stepped out toward the woman and told her that she made mistake during exercise, so he coached her the right stuff. Even he likes coaching but he won't try to make any training video because he's afraid he might fail.

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