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Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Idol Siblings

Leader of SPEED and leader of Block B are siblings? Is this true? How about the others? Learn about your idol’s siblings below!
WARNING: Idols are generally extremely protective of their family’s privacy, so in many cases, the names of their siblings are unknown or there are no pictures of them.
- Minwoo: Name unknown (brother), Name unknown (sister), Name unknown (sister)
- Rokhyun: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister), Name unknown (younger sister)
- Jinwoon: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Seulong: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Bom: Go Eun (1, 2(elder sister)
- CL: Harin (12(younger sister)
- Minzy: Minyoung (elder sister)
- Sandara: Durami (12345(younger sister)Sanghyun [Thunder] (1, 2345(younger brother)
- Chansung: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Junho: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Junsu: Junhyun (younger brother)
- Nichkhun: Nichan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (elder brother), Nichthima / Yanin (1, 2, 3) (younger sister), Nachjaree / Cherleen (1, 2) (youngest sister)
- Taecyeon: Jihyen (elder sister)
- Wooyoung: Junhwa (elder sister)
- Jihyun: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Jiyoon: Jisoo (elder brother)
- Sohyun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hyuna: Hyunho (younger brother), Hyunsuk (youngest brother)
After School
- E-young: Taejin (brother)
- Kahi: Jimin (elder sister), Jaewoo (elder brother), Jihye (younger sister)
- Jooyeon: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Jungah: Hyunsoo (younger sister)
- Raina: Name unknown (elder brother)
- UEE: Yoona (elder sister)
- Jaehyung: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Hyeongkon: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Seungyub: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Seungjin: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Sungmin: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Yunyoung: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hyojun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hoyoung: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Wanchul: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Youngwok: Name unknown (elder sister)
A Pink
- Chorong: Name unknown (elder sister), Seunghee (younger sister)
- Eunji: Minki (younger brother)
- Naeun: Seeun (sister)
- Yookyung: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Bomi: Name unknown (elder sister), Name unknown (younger brother)
- Gongchan: Minwoo (younger brother)
- Jinyoung: Jiyoung (elder sister)
- CNU: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Baro: Yoonji (younger sister)
- Sandeul: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Yongguk: Yongnam (1, 2, 3(elder twin brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Himchan: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Youngjae: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Daehyun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Jongup: Name unknown (eldest brother), Name unknown (elder brother)
- Zelo: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Dongwoon: Dongha (1(elder brother)
- Doojoon: Doori  (1(elder sister)
- Hyunseung: Geurim (12(younger sister)
- Junhyung: Junsung (younger brother)
- Kikwang: Hyekwang (younger brother)
- Yoseob: Haeyeon (elder sister)
Big Bang
- Daesung: Bora (elder sister)
- G-Dragon: Dami (elder sister)
Seungri: Hanna (1, 2) (younger sister)
- Taeyang: Hyunbae (12(elder brother)
- T.O.P - Hye Yoon (12(elder sister)
Block B
- Jaehyo: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kyung: Saehim (1) (elder sister), Chan (younger brother)
- Taeil: Name unknown (elder sister), Taehyung (1, 2(younger brother)
- U-Kwon: Yooshin (1, 2(elder brother)
- Zico: Jiseok [Taewoon] (12345(elder brother)
BoASoohwon (eldest brother)Soonwook (elder brother)
- Sung Yubin: Lee Taesung (1) (elder brother)
- Tagoon: Danah (1, 2, 3) (sister)
- Kwangmin: Youngmin (1, 2) (elder twin brother), Hyunmin (younger brother)
- Youngmin: Kwangmin (younger twin brother), Hyunmin (younger brother)
- Hyunseong: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Minwoo: Eunbin (elder sister)
- Jeongmin: Name unknown (elder sister), Name unknown (elder brother)
- Donghyun: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Noah: Areum (sister)
Brown Eyed Girls
- Jea: Name unknown (brother)
- Miryo: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Ilhoon: Minju [JOO] (1234(elder sister)
- Minhyuk: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Eunkwang: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Hyunsik: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Changsub: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Peniel: Boyoung  / Jennifer (1(elder sister)
- Sungjae: Name unknown (elder sister)
CN Blue
- Yonghwa: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Jonghyun: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Minhyuk: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Jungshin: Name unknown (elder brother)
Co-Ed School
- Chanmi: Name unknown (sister)
- Hyoyoung: Hwayoung (12345(younger twin sister), Name unknown (younger brother)
- Taewoon: Jiho [Zico] (12345(younger brother)
- Jongkook: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Sungmin: Yena (1, 2, 3, 4(younger sister)
- Hyewon:
- Kwangheng: 
- Yoosung:
- Noori:
- Saejoon:
- Soomi:
- Jaewon: Jaechun (elder brother)
- Sangwoo: Name unknown (elder sister)
Crayon Pop
- ChoA: Minsun / Way (1, 2, 3) (twin sister)
- Way: Minjin / ChoA (1, 2, 3) (twin sister)
CSJH The Grace
- Dana: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Ram: Boram (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  (elder sister)
- Daniel: Sharon (elder sister), Christina (younger sister)
- Dari: Name unknown (sister), Name unknown (sister), Name unknown (sister)
- Inati: Name unknown (brother), Name unknown (sister)
- Jeesu: Name unknown (sister)
- Youngwon: Name unknown (brother)
- Simon: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (youngest sister)
Dal Shabet
- Ah Young: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Gaeun: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Jiyul: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Serri: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Subin: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (youngest sister)
- Viki: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Haeri: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Minkyung: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (younger brother)
Epik High
- Tablo: David / Sunmin (elder brother)
- Suho: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kai: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Chanyeol: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Sehun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Baekhyun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- D.O.: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Chen: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Tao: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kris:
- Xiumin:
F.T Island
- Hongki: Jaeyoung (younger sister)
- Jaejin: Chaewon (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (elder sister)
- Minhwan: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Seunghyun: Sehyun (1, 2, 3) (younger brother)
- Amber: Jackie (1, 2, 3, 4) (sister)
- Krystal: Sooyeon / Jessica (12345(elder sister)
- Luna: Name unknown (elder brother)Jinyoung (elder twin sister)
- Sulli: Name unknown (eldest brother), Name unknown (1(elder brother)
- A-TOM: Jinkyu (elder brother)
- U1: Sooyoung (younger sister)
- Vega: Jungmin (younger brother)
Girl’s Day
- Sojin: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Minah: Hyunah (elder sister)
- Hyeri: Hyerim (1, 2, 3(younger sister)
Girls’ Generation
- Jessica: Soojung / Krystal (12345) (younger sister)
- Sooyoung: Soojin (1, 2(elder sister)
- Sunny: Eunkyu (eldest sister)Jinkyu (1(elder sister)
- Taeyeon: Jiwoong (12345(elder brother)Hayeon (younger sister)
- Tiffany: Michelle (elder sister), Leo (elder brother)
- Yoona: Name unknown (1, 2(elder sister)
- Yuri: Hyukjun (12345(elder brother)
- Hyoyeon: Mingu (younger brother)
G.NA: Hana (1(younger sister)
Hwangbo: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Dongwoo: Name unknown (eldest sister), Kkot-ip (1, 2, 3(elder sister) 
- Hoya: Hojae (elder brother), Hyojin (elder sister), Hojun (younger brother)
- L: Moonsu (1, 2(younger brother)
- Sunggyu: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Sungjong: Seonkyu (younger brother)
- Sungyeol: Daeyeol (1, 2, 3, 4(younger brother)
- Woohyun: Boohyun (elder brother)
Jay Park: Jaehan (younger brother)
JOO: Ilhoon (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (younger brother)
- Jiyoung: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Hara: Hoin (elder brother)
- Kyumin: Kyubin (younger brother) 
- Kwangyeon: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Youngjun: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (younger brother)
- Hyoseok: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Keonu: Name unknown (younger brother), Name unknown (youngest brother)
- G.O: Hye Yoon (12(elder sister)
- Joon: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Mir: Hyosun (eldest sister), Hyojin [Go Eun Ah] (12345) (elder sister)
- Seungho: Seunghoon (123(younger brother)
- Thunder: Sandara (12345(eldest sister), Durami (12345(elder sister)
Miss A
- Suzy: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister), Sangmoon (younger brother)
- Fei: Name unknown (younger brother)
- D.Kash: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Jeil: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Danah: Tagoon (1, 2) (brother)
Nine Muses
- Hyemi: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Eunji: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hyuna: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Lee Sam: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Sera: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Minha: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Erin: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (younger sister)
- Kyungri: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Minhyun: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Baekho: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Ren: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Aron: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (youngest sister)
- JR: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
One Way
- Chance: Chris (younger brother)
RainHana (12(younger sister)
- Hyun Young: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Noeul: No Ara (1(younger sister)
- Jaekyung: Jaehyun (younger brother)
- Jisook: Jihee (elder sister)
- Di: Dayum (1) (younger brother)
- Saem: Saebyuk (younger brother)
- T-ae: Bi (younger brother)
San.e: Name unknown (younger brother)
SE7ENYeonmi (12(eldest sister)Nami (1(elder sister)
- Hyosung: Name unknown (elder sister), Name unknown (younger sister)
- Sunhwa: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (younger brother)
- Bada: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Eugene: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Shoo: Name unknown (eldest brother), Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Jonghyun: Seodam (1(elder sister)
- Minho: Minseok (12345, 6(elder brother)
- Taemin: Taesun (1(elder brother)
- Andy: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Eric: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Hyesung: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Junjin: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Minwoo: Name unknown (elder brother), Youngmi (elder sister)
- Sol: Youngwook (1, 2) (younger brother)
- Bora: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Dasom: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hyorin: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Soyou: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Hyungjoon: Kibum (12345) (younger brother)
- Hyunjoong: Youngjoon (12(elder brother)
- Jungmin: Name unknown (12(elder sister), Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kyujong: Eunah (younger sister)
Sunny Hill
- Janghyun: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Jubi: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kota: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Misung: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (youngest sister)
Super Junior
- Eunhyuk: Sora (12345(elder sister)
- Donghae: Donghwa (elder brother)
- Heechul: Heejin (1234(elder sister)
- Henry: Clinton (elder brother)Whitney (1(younger sister)
- Kibum: Saehee (1(younger sister)
- Kyuhyun: Ara (elder sister)
- Leeteuk: Inyoung (1(elder sister)
- Shindong: Dayoung (younger sister)
- Siwon: Jiwon (younger sister)
- Sungmin: Sungjin (younger brother)
- Yesung: Jongjin (1234(younger brother)
- Hwayoung: Hyoyoung (123(elder twin sister)
- Hyomin: Name unknown (sister)
- Jiyeon: Hyojun (1, 2(elder brother)
- Boram: Wooram / Ram (younger sister)
- Daeryong: Soryong (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (younger twin brother)
- Soryong: Daeryong (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (elder twin brother)
Teen Top
- C.A.P: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Changjo: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Chunji: Name unknown (elder brother)
- L.Joe: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Niel: David (elder brother), Bosung (younger brother)
- Ricky: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hyunmin: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Injun: Chaeyeon (younger sister)
- Jay: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Karam: Name unknown (younger brother), Name unknown (younger sister)
- Mika: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Jay: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Jungmo: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Changmin: Sooyeon (younger sister), Jiyoon (youngest sister)
- Jaejoong: Jinhee (eldest adopted sister), Seonhee (elder adopted sister)Mikyeon (elder adopted sister)Sookjin (elder adopted sister), Yooseon (elder adopted sister),Minkyeong (elder adopted sister)Ahyoung (elder adopted sister)Sooyoung (1) (elder adopted sister), Name unknown (elder biological sister), Name unknown (1) (younger biological half-brother), Yoojung (123(younger biological half-sister)
- Junsu: Junho (12345(elder twin brother)
- Yoochun: Yoohwan (12345(younger brother)
- Yunho: Jihye (12345(younger sister)
- AJ: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Dongho: Dongjin (elder brother)
- Eli: Hannah (elder sister), Minah (younger sister)
- Hoon: Hoonbi (elder brother)
- Kevin: Deanna (12(elder sister)
- Kiseop: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Soohyun: Eunhye (elder sister)Dahye (younger sister)
Wonder Girls
- Hyelim: Name unknown (1, 2, 3) (elder brother)
- Yenny: Go Eun (elder sister), Yosup (1(younger brother)
- Sohee: Soyoung (elder sister)
- Ghun: Hyunjung (elder sister)
- Taefung: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Haewon: Minji (younger sister)
- Sulhu: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Zin: Name unknown (elder sister)
YounhaYounjin (12(younger sister)
- Dongjun: Donghyun (elder brother)
- Heechul: Heejun (younger brother), Heemang (younger brother)
- Hyungshik: Minshik (elder brother)
- Kevin: Michelle (younger sister)
- Kwanghee: Inyoung (younger sister)
- Minwoo: Ahra (elder sister)
- Siwan: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Taehun: Name unknown (elder sister)

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